Packing for a Visit to Paradise?

Diva Maldives
A couple arrives at Diva Maldives from Malé International Airport, after a 25 minute scenic flight over the islands of Maldives.

With the yellow sun hovering above the crystal clear waters, splashing on to the white sandy beaches, Maldives is indeed a safe haven. With coral islands of incomparable uniqueness and beauty, Maldives offers you a natural simplicity, an escape from the stressful and routine life. So prepare to be captured by the vast history and rich culture of this archipelago, with its warm days, and cool nights.

Whether you wish to experience the local life or the luxurious resorts, Maldives is one of the places where you don’t need to pack much. In fact, most of the things you may need are available at a low cost. As for transportation, you can easily reach every corner of Maldives from its international airports, either via speed boat or sea plane.

Maldives currently has two international airports, the Gan International Airport and Malé International Airport. While the later is still utilized as the main international airport for tourists, Gan International Airport is also increasingly being used for transporting tourists to the southern resorts. Travelling inside the capital city is also easy, as any corner of the island is reachable within a few minutes of walking, while taxis are also available.

The temperature is warm throughout the year with rare showers. Summer clothing of different fashions, depending on your convenience and liking, such as shorts or skirts and tee shirts are ideal. Since the beginning, bikini has been a fashion, as women in resorts spend most of their time on the beach.

Tourists tend to use a wide range of styles of modern wear ideal for tropical and beach environments. Rather than shoes, sandals are excellent for strolls around the capital city Malé, with its paved roads. However there nothing like walking barefoot on the beach, as the soft sand massages your feet. Tourists who spend their time at resorts tend to spend most of their time on the white sandy beaches.

You will also need to pack a pair of sunglasses and a hat. However sunglasses of different brands are easily available, both in capital Malé and resorts. Sunscreens and tanning products are widely available in some of the inhabited islands and all of the resorts as well. Though you may not need it unless you plan on visiting one of the uninhabited islands, insect repellents are also easily available. Insect repellents are however, necessary for the adventurous types, who desire to experience the wild and naturally beautiful environment of the many uninhabited islands.

Diving gear and other equipment such as masks and fins are available both in the city and at resorts. While some resorts may provide them for free, they are also available for rent or at a low cost. To capture the natural beauty of the underwater gardens of coral reefs, and your unique experience, you may want to bring a camera.

While alcohol and pork products cannot be imported, most of the famous brands of alcohol are available in resorts, liveaboards and at the airport duty free. Live animals such as dogs and pigs cannot be imported by tourists. Other prohibited materials include firearms, drugs, pornographic material and idols used for worship.

If you wish to experience a truly local experience you may want to stick around Malé or you may want to visit one of the many islands. With its simplistic life, a truly Maldivian experience will leave you craving to return, long after you’ve left. The sheer beauty of its natural islands will forever be marked in your memory. Maldives is indeed a wonder and a paradise, unmatched by any other.


  • i really want to go there? it’s my dream. planning late this year or early next year. which island/resort is affordable (3-4 star) yet with good features? can you please post comparison of different islands/resorts? Thanks.

  • PACK VERY LIGHT…Specially if you taking a SEAPLANE transfer it allows you 20 to 30 KG per person and the access is $3 to $4 per KG.
    Laundry can be done from each island.. No need too many Shoes.
    Flip-flops are Ok, Snorkelling gears, suncreams, and most essential items are available in all the islands. Its advisable to check with the island before you arrive.

  • I plan to visit Male during the last week of august 2011. it will be ramadan there. it it a bad idea as i read on the web u cant eat and drink in public and shops are closed during the date till sunset?

  • All public restaurants in Male’ are closed during the day in Ramadan and eating in public will be against the traditions. Restaurants in tourist hotels will be still open so you can still have plenty of choices during the day if you are in Male’. All shops will open during the day as usual and other restaurants also will from 6pm.
    Above does not apply to tourist resorts as they are in different islands and you free to eat during the day at resorts.

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