Ten reasons to choose Maldives for luxury family vacation

By Afza Hassan

Any vacation, or holiday miles away from your home would have one main objective, to have a good time. Most family vacations are focused on taking a break to make good memories together, when usually everyday life is a different route for every individual in the family. Whether it is to relax and unwind, or simply finding some time away from your busy hectic life, Maldives Luxury Resorts are the most privy destinations you can look up for, which will vouch you the perfect hideaway. Get baffled in the private islands, while enjoying the peace and beauty of nature at its best, and listed are the top 10 reasons why you should go for Maldives Resorts.

1. Spend quality time
Put in your time and effort to make your family and loved ones feel close to your heart. At Luxury Maldives Resorts, all you have is the cloistered islands and time to invest on your family. Watch the golden sunsets, or enjoy some fun activities at the beach where your view would be the infinite ocean.

2. Barefoot island experiences.
The stretch of sandy white on all Maldives Luxury Resorts is all about fun in the sun. Whichever time of the year you come, Maldives offers sunny weather. Enjoy beach sports with your family, build a sandcastle with your kids, tan away on the white pearl beaches or enjoy your meals on the beach with the waves right next to you and the music of the sea to accompany you.

3. Peaceful havens
Maldives, in other words can be described as one of the most sequestrated holiday destinations, worldwide. Offering you private islands where only the resort staff and holiday makers are accessible of, everything is private and you get to spend your holidays your way, without any disturbance.

4. Excursions
If ever your stay needs some adventure, get your backpack and wander to the islands near your holiday resort, where you can enjoy and explore the Maldivian lifestyle and meet locals, take photographs to treasure with an island kid from the Maldives. Enjoy your journey with your family while you discover the Maldivian way of life, and experience untouched beaches as you explore.

5. Pollution free environment
The Maldives, as you know it, is a thread of little islands, where luxury meets nature. All the resorts are natural and does not have any factories, vehicles, or any source of pollution creating industrial processes carried out anywhere near the luxury resort islands. You and your family will be safe from all the pollution, in fresh air, where you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

6. Sea and Ocean unlimited
Whenever Maldives Luxury Resorts are on your mind, most of the content would be about the crystal clear waters and the beautiful underwater life you can explore. So if you have a thing for the ocean, Maldives is the place to spend your vacation. From water sports like windsurfing jet ski and banana boat rides or fishing trips with family, to diving into the coral gardens or shipwrecks and snorkeling, Maldives can be enjoyed to the fullest in the turquoise waters with your family since the water stays at a warm temperature of 27 degrees all year long.

7. Kids club
Imagine your holidays, with no need to worry over a single thing, not even your kids. The Maldives Luxury Resorts offer Kids clubs, so you can leave your kids with trained staff to look after while giving your kids some good fun and activities to enjoy. Your relaxation and intimate moments won’t be troubled.

8. No distractions, just relaxing
Having your kids around might not be as relaxing if you are in a city where every place has something the kids long for and would go out of their way to get from you. But in the Luxury Maldives Resorts, everything is designed for pure loosening and even the kids will enjoy the arrant peace and harmony.

9. Yachts, the floating luxury
Well the fact that Maldives is mostly sea doesn’t have to be mentioned, but picture cruising away these waters in a yacht. Jumping off the deck and swimming in the middle of the ocean, exploring different coral sites, fishing with your family and having your catch grilled up for lunch or dinner? All reclusive and all that for just your family in an extremely spacious Yacht. Perfect isn’t it?

10. Safe and sound
Wherever you are, your safety and your family’s well being is most important to you. Maldives has disease controlled environments and the Luxury Resorts are away from civilisation, making it safest to the degree of assurance. Your chances of being attacked by a gun is null because they are prohibited for locals, and most of all, there are almost no land transportation and no space for you or your family to get into an accident at the Luxury Resorts. Keeping safety in mind, Maldives offers you the best of it, effortlessly guaranteeing your kids and family a 100% safe vacation.

By Afza Hassan for Alpha Maldives

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