Maldives: Redefining Romance

Maldives Promotion House – With its magnificent dawns and dusks, Maldives is well known as the most romantic destination of the world. Islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, and each island surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise blue lagoons of crystal clear waters, Maldives offers settings that you can’t even dream of. It provides the intimate seclusion necessary for the perfect honeymoon.

Whether you desire a candlelit dinner under the starry sky, or a dinner on the beach as the setting sun throws beams of light across the sky, a honeymoon in Maldives will definitely dazzle you.

Filled with resorts that offer all kinds of water sports and diving, along with unique underwater restaurants and spa treatment rooms that provide world class services and display the beauty of the rich marine life of Maldives, this archipelago offers you unmatched romance.

Visited by celebrities from all over the world, the romantic dining and complete privacy of its resort islands have continued to attract more and more couples and honeymooners to Maldives.

While you can choose from a wide range of resorts depending on what you desire and how much you wish to spend, Maldives leaves you with no shortage of choices. Whatever your choices maybe, you can have complete privacy to discover and enjoy the perfect honeymoon.

While some resorts provide special complimentary services to honeymooners, almost all resorts have services and themes specifically designed for honeymooners. Some of the services offered by resorts include private dinners on sand banks or uninhabited islands where you are given complete privacy, and resorts often decorate the villas or rooms of honeymooners in ways that simply radiate romance. Therefore it is very important to inform the resort that you are honeymooners, while booking. To fulfill honeymooner’s wishes many resorts offer the opportunity to customise their services such as dining and spa.

The truly remarkable and award winning resorts of Maldives definitely provide the ultimate in hospitality. Among other awards Maldives has also won the World Travel Awards’ “Wold’s Most Romantic Destination 2010” award, leaving no room for doubt. Maldives is also home to many award winning international hotels brands and international hotel chains.

Since the beginning of tourism in Maldives, Europeans such as Germans and Italians have always favored Maldives as a romantic destination. Maldives is also the most popular honeymoon destination among the British. Due to the economic changes, Maldives has become popular among Indian, Chinese and South Korean honeymooners. For the Russian lovers Maldives has remained a romantic playground, and the Japanese continue to enjoy romantic honeymoons and vacations in Maldives.

It doesn’t matter how you wish to spend your honeymoon, the hospitality and facilities of Maldives can make your wildest dreams come true, while offering experiences that you will relive long after the honeymoon.

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