Sultans Surf Point, Among the World’s Best

Maldives Promotion House – The Sultans surf point, located north of Malé Atoll, Maldives, has been featured in CNN GO’s 50 best surf spots list. Sultans was among the top ten surf points from all over the world.

Sultans, which is on the eastern reef of North Malé Atoll is an excellent, long, world-class right-hander. It is also one of the most consistent waves of Malé Atoll, which never closes out, even on the biggest swells.

According to Surfers, the take-off is a steep outside peak called ‘Phantoms’, which slingshots into a very long, walled, super fast section called the ‘Pinnacles’, over four feet high. All three sections are thrilling, almost insane tubes with rides as long as 150 yards.

Sultans is accessible by boat and is best on high tide with any wind from west to north.

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