Coca-Cola Maldives hosts exciting ‘Blind Taste Test’ with top influencers

Coca-Cola Maldives hosted an engaging ‘Blind Taste Test’ activity featuring eight well-known social media influencers from Instagram and TikTok. The influencers were tasked with identifying Coke Zero from a line-up of three Coca-Cola products; namely Coca-Cola Original Taste, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Diet Coke, sparking a trend that invites consumers to put their taste buds to the test.

The activity was designed to showcase the delicious taste of Coke Zero – triggering the question – Is it the Best Coke Ever?, while also raising awareness about the diverse range of Coca-Cola products available in the Maldives. By collaborating with prominent influencers, Coca-Cola Maldives successfully reached a broad audience and generated considerable interest in the “Zero Challenge.”

With the influencers’ enthusiastic participation, the Zero Challenge was extended to Coca-Cola fans throughout Male’. Taste test setups were placed in selected outlets in the capital, inviting consumers to try their hand at identifying Coke Zero. Those who successfully completed the challenge won a Coke Zero bottle with their order, adding an element of excitement and reward to the experience.

Coca-Cola Maldives aims to continue leveraging the power of influencer marketing and interactive consumer activities to promote its product portfolio. This ‘Blind Taste Test’ is the first in a series of planned activities designed to highlight the unique flavours and characteristics of Coca-Cola Maldives’ wide range of beverages.

By creating memorable experiences that resonate with consumers, Coca-Cola Maldives is committed to not only showcasing its products but also fostering a strong connection with its audience. Keep an eye out for more engaging activities from Coca-Cola Maldives in the near future.

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Coca-Cola is one of the world’s most famous and best-loved brands and has been refreshing the world for 135 years. The Coca-Cola Company, through its bottling partner, Male’ Aerated Water Company Pvt. Ltd., has introduced a range of hydrating and delicious beverages to Maldives. The Coca-Cola brand has also sought to brighten consumers’ lives through a variety of engaging projects and activities.

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