The Malvinas Becomes The Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – It’s no surprise that Maldives has gained a huge popularity within the recent few years. Moreover, the events that took place during the past few months in Maldives has flooded the international community and media with its name. But surprisingly enough, famous people including politicians have started to confuse the name with other countries.

During a speech in Cartagena, Colombia, at the Summit of the Americas, United States President Barack Obama mistakenly called the Falklands or Malvinas the Maldives. In his speech which was delivered in English, Obama chose to refer to the disputed islands by their Spanish name, the Malvinas.

While Argentina has insisted that the islands should always be referred to as “the Malvinas,” the British have been persistent on calling them “the Falklands.” Obama’s choice of “Malvinas” might have been disappointing to the UK. However, the British might be more amused than upset, because President Obama referred to the islands as “the Maldives.”

The Falkland Islands or Malvinas are an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean, located over 250 nautical miles east of the coast of mainland South America. The archipelago comprises of East Falkland, West Falkland, and 776 lesser islands. Stanley, the capital and only city, is on East Falkland. The islands are a self-governing British Overseas Territory, with the United Kingdom responsible for its defence and foreign affairs.

Controversy exists over the Falklands’ original discovery and subsequent colonisation by Europeans. At various times there have been French, British, Spanish, and Argentine settlements. Britain re-established its rule in 1833, yet the islands continue to be claimed by Argentina. In 1982, following Argentina’s invasion of the islands, the two-month-long undeclared Falklands War between both countries resulted in the withdrawal of Argentine forces. Despite its defeat, Argentina still pursues its claim; however, UK policy supports the islanders’ self-determination to remain British citizens.

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