Glowing Shores of Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – Maldivian beaches are usually famous for its powdery white sand and the crystal clear water that splashes over it. But there is a more unusual sighting that is not common, though not rare either. The glowing waves that crash on shore during starlit nights leaving behind tiny specks of light etched in to the sand were subject to much folk lore and superstition in Maldivian tales.

It is indeed a mesmerising sight. Though it is an eerie phenomenon, it is also kind of romantic. Imagine sipping Champagne with your partner on the beach while the stars twinkle above you and glowing water laps around your feet.

Though it is not an uncommon sighting in Maldives, it gained a lot of attention during the past few days when National Geographic released photos of it from Maldives on their website. The photos show the shoreline surf, dotted with tiny pinpricks of light, seeming to reflect the constellations above.

While it may seem superstitious the “bioluminescence” is simply blue light from phytoplankton, microscopic sea creatures that secrete illuminating chemicals as a survival mechanism. But hey, if you’re looking for a unique sight to celebrate a once in a lifetime event, you definitely must try this one out.

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