Four Activities to Celebrate Your Honeymoon in Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – We all begin simple. By nature we start off as lonely souls. But eventually we find that hidden spark to seek the familiar. To seek a partner to share the beautiful moments of our life. But before you begin your new life, it always calls for a celebration, a holiday of a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be the first holiday you’ve taken with your new spouse, but it is still your first as a married couple.

It’s your chance to leave behind the troubles of the world and to create a moment for you and your partner that you’ll want to remember forever. So what better place to be in than the luxurious islands of Maldives. It is true that a vast majority of honeymoons take place on luxury resorts, beautiful beaches and on boats. But there are these little refinements that can change the whole experience and turn it into something even better.

Candlelit dinner under the stars

One of the oldest tricks in the book, a candlelight dinner is meant to create a moment where the whole world seems to stop. But while most people tend to think that it is way too old for it to work, it is something that you will never get tired of. You can customise it and choose a setting that can bring out that intimacy that we all crave for. Many resorts offer this romantic service, whether it’s in your own private villa or on the beach, Maldives is famous for it. You can also choose your menu and tailor it for romance.

Couples massage

Sometimes honeymoons are all about taking that journey toward inner peace and relaxation. Especially if you are with your partner, then a massage is most certainly in order. Almost all luxury resorts in Maldives have award-winning spas that offer deals to honeymooners who desperately need to get rid of the stress of planning and executing a big, glamorous wedding. From rooftop spa pavilions that enable total relaxation as the wind blows gently through the treatment area to the sound of the ocean that lulls you to sleep, when it comes to relaxation Maldives has is all.  If you are into it you can also have private massage lessons so that you can try giving one to each other.

Scuba diving

It’s also true that if you haven’t experienced the glamorous underwater beauty of Maldives you haven’t experienced Maldives. Anyone who has ever been to the depths of Maldives will tell you that it is indeed a truly magical experience. It is a whole new world where you feel as if you have detached from the burdens of your body. While to some it is a spiritual journey it is also a journey that will leave you appreciating the vibrant colours that you never thought existed. Plus, most resorts that have a dive school will also offer you courses and training sessions, if you ever feel the need to become a professional. But remember, it is always that first dive that lingers on.

Romantic Sunset Cruise

Sunsets and sunrises are one of the most remarkable and mesmerising sights in Maldives. Here in Maldives it’s not a fantasy to just jump in on a yacht and sail away into a tropical sunset with your own chef and wine. Most luxury resorts have their very own luxury yachts and offer you packages entirely tailor-made to your desires. So don’t miss a private sunset cruise on a luxury yacht to a deserted island where fine wines, dinner and musicians await to serenade you and your spouse throughout the evening. It is an absolutely amazing experience that will give you a brand new perspective on the world.

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