DJ Angus Wong: Maldives is Like a Paradise

Maldives Promotion House – As part of the W Hotels and burn studios DJ Lab global tour, W Maldives recently brought in DJ Angus Wong who performed during the last week of January.  W Hotels Worldwide and burn studios launched the DJ Lab music platform, which was developed by burn, a globally leading energy drink from The Coca-Cola Company, in August 2011, in Ibiza, Spain.

During his residency in Maldives, DJ Angus Wong also shared his thoughts on Maldives in an exclusive interview with Maldives Promotion House. While this is his very first time in Maldives, Angus spent Most of his time in W Retreat & Spa Maldives. After his long flight Angus spent the night at Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, Starwood Hotel’s second property in Maldives.

“This is the first time I’ve been in Maldives and I’m very excited to be here. I only arrived last night and I spent the night at Sheraton. So it was a very short stay. And I was quite tired form the flight. So couldn’t even get to see a lot of Sheraton, may be on the way back I’ll be able to see a little bit more,” Angus said.

When asked about whether Maldives has lived up to his expectations Angus said that “Maldives is like a paradise that people keep talking about,” and that being able to come to Maldives is beyond his imagination.

“I think it’s slightly better that what I expected.  I mean I look at these pictures and I think, ‘oh wow, this place looks beautiful’. But it’s really something when you actually get to see it. I was going earlier on the boat, and I don’t think I have seen this shade of blue in the ocean. It’s very different. You can’t think how beautiful it really is until you actually see it,” Angus added.

When asked if he had been to any other island destinations, Angus said that he had been to Bali. “I just spent this New Year’s Eve in W Bali. That was very entertaining. W Bali is also a very very beautiful resort and I have great friends there.”

“W Bali is in the city, about 20 minutes from the airport if you are lucky with the traffic. If not it could be 3 hours. Bali is a beach island and I’ve been to the beach. It was great. But it was the rainy season and also the monsoon season. So it was too windy for swimming but it was perfect for surfing,” he added.

While you won’t find another musician whose sound is as intoxicatingly stylish, sultry and sophisticated as DJ Angus Wong, he is famous for lifting his listeners to exhilarating highs of audio dynamite, Angus’ mix is reckless and wreaks hidden pleasures, much like his very cheeky personality. Angus also explained to us how he got into music.

“It was probably about 5 years ago, I just finished school and I was working in a bar in Hong Kong. And one day I decide, ‘I like to sing here, I like music. Why don’t I try something new?’ So I talked to the DJ guy, I told him ‘I really wanna get into this, what do I do?’ Before I know it I have my CDs ready. And I talked to some people, and it’s not very good in the beginning. But you know, I have gotten better over the last few years. Three and a half years ago I was approached by W Hong Kong to represent the music to them. So that’s how I got involved with them,” he explained how he got into the music industry.

Since W Hotel Hong Kong opened in August 8th of 2008, DJ Angus Wong has been their proud resident DJ. However thanks to W Angus has also been able to travel the world, hopping from destination to destination, showing off his skills.

“I’m very lucky, thanks to W of course and also thanks to Michaelangelo, our global music director. He helped create this. The music you are listening to is his direction right now. He helped us growing into DJing and also provided with all these opportunities to see the world. You get to check out everywhere. Everywhere you go you stay in the most stylish hotel in that part of the city. And you also you get to share your passion with music with everybody, in a new location. It’s always very exciting,” he said.

Angus is part of the DJ Lab for which, W Hotels Global Music Director Michaelangelo L’Acqua collaborated with burn studios to identify six rising DJs, in line with the W Hotels mission to showcase ‘what’s new and next.’  Hailing from key international cities across the globe, the talents selected include, DJ Angus Wong from Hong Kong, Lincoln Madley of New York (aka DJ Bouji), Miaou Mix (comprised of Noemi Sunshine Ferst and Judith Dju of Tête d’Affiche, Paris), Stopmakingme of London (aka Daniel Avery) and Eiko of Tokyo.

“There are six DJs in this program and I am one of them. During August 2011 we went to Barcelona and Ibiza for a weeklong boot camp. We caught back, the six of us; me from Hong Kong, two girls, the Miaou mix from Paris, Daniel Avery from London, Lincoln Madley from New York and Eiko from Tokyo, Japan,” he said.

“So the six of us spend every waking minute together, talking about music. You know, we are the representation of today’s music. It was a very luxurious experience. You can imagine being a DJ is pretty much a lone job. So you work yourself, and obviously in a different crowd every day. It’s very difficult to make a connection with people who don’t work in the same platform for a few days. But then, ten or twelve days we spent together in the boot camp, we just wake up and we practice and we talk about music all day. And usually finish by going to a night club to dance,” he added.

While his passion for music began at a young age, equipped with only 6 CDs, the young DJ bravely taught himself how to spin at 21, playing his first-ever gig to a full-house crowd in wild Hong Kong.  He is also responsible for creating the highly successful monthly club series called Gay Tea Dance at Tivo. DJ Angus Wong also thinks very highly of music and expressed that no one should exclude it from their life.

“Well, I think everybody should be a music guy. Really, I think music is a big part of a person. I mean you walk into a place and the first thing you see is the design or like you feel and then you smell, but music is always in the background,” he said.

“Like I consider going outside and you hear different things like sounds of the nature, birds, you know, these are all music to our ears and the thing is that it’s a huge part. Being a DJ is a very unique experience which is, you know, music could be very intimate. There is music that I listen to when I’m happy, when I’m sad. And I feel like when I DJ, I share these moments with the people.”

While DJ Angus had an extremely busy schedule at W Retreat & Spa Maldives, playing to the guests at the luxurious resort, he also said that he would love to come back to the Maldives. We at Maldives Promotion House thank the W Brand for bringing in talents such as DJ Angus Wong, and we are also grateful to Angus Wong for sharing his time with us.

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