Maldives as the Most Popular Destination Among Holiday Inn Guests

Maldives Promotion House – Holiday Inn Kandooma, owned by one of the world’s largest Hotel Chains, Inter Continental Hotel Group, has been selected as the best resort for 2011. With a score of roughly 90 Kandooma won the awarded from among 38 other hotels in the region.

According to Holiday Inn, they had conducted the survey using their “Heart beat” software, which is used to gather guest feedback using 60 different questions.

“We have accomplished this feat by competing with this region’s most distinguished hotels and resorts. We constantly monitored the other hotels in order to stay a step ahead,” a Kandooma official said. “The guests answered the questions in the expectation of improving our services and we have duly complied with their requests.”

Kandooma resort celebrated the win with a special ceremony where employees were served by the senior staff of the Hotel. Certificates were also awarded to the employees in recognition of their dedicated service.

Holiday Inn commenced operations of the 160 room Kandooma resort with 370 employees in December 2009 which is the first ever hotel opened in the country by the hotel chain.

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