10 of the best things to do at The Nautilus Maldives

For true bon vivants in search of life-affirming ways to live out a holiday in the Maldives — one of the world’s most coveted destinations — there’s only one place to head: The Nautilus.

At this unparalleled five-star refuge nestled among exotic surrounds, you’re afforded the greatest luxuries of all; the freedom to simply be and to choose exactly how your days in paradise unfold.

Need some inspiration? Here are 10 of the best things to do at The Nautilus.

Indulge in a novel spa treatment

At the Nautilus, you have the opportunity to disconnect, escape and ultimately, to achieve a sense of absolute tranquillity.

The quintessential place to do so? The resort’s Solasta Spa.

Curate your own wellness journey or ritual and indulge in relaxing and rejuvenating practices as you embrace the serenity of the scintillating ocean that surrounds the spa or choose from the almost endless list of treatments.

Discover the magic of ‘cinema under the stars’

For avid movie-lovers or those with a penchant for the romantic, this experience is sure to take your breath away.

Enjoy a cinema experience under the stars set up in your own exclusive private setting either on the beach outside your house or on a secluded private sandbank.

For this experience, your dedicated House Master will ensure that all your wishes are granted; from treats to the movie and venue choice — this experience can be personalised from beginning to end.

Savour a private cooking experience

At The Nautilus, there are no restaurant closing times and no limits. Here, the dining is unscripted, where menus serve as conversation points and anything is possible at the four exceptional on-site restaurants.

For those who crave the unusual and extraordinary, however, there is a gourmet offering that shouldn’t be missed.

At The Nautilus, you are invited to embrace a culinary experience that will ignite the senses; a private cooking class with one of the experienced chefs. You can pick the Maldivian menu that most appeals to you and the chef will take you through the ingredients, cooking techniques and methods.

Relish an exclusive picnic experience

Escape from the confines of time and space with a sumptuous picnic on a secluded sandbank in the middle of the tourmaline waters of the Indian Ocean.

Far away from any other living souls, this island picnic experience allows you to embrace freedom unconditional and feast on delicious morsels that are expertly prepared and perfectly tailored to your preferences as you soak up the sun.

Big game fishing excursions

For those with adventurous spirits, another extraordinary way to spend a day in the Maldives is by going on a big game fishing excursion.

Guests of The Nautilus can enjoy a fishing trip in style, where all the equipment is provided and you’ll be given expert advice from the staff on board to up your chance of landing a big catch.

The experience is made complete by a special meal meticulously prepared by the chef, perhaps with your fresh catch itself — which could be anything from yellowfin tuna and wahoo to mahi-mahi and sailfish — as the central ingredient.

This is an experience you aren’t likely to forget any time soon.

Diving and snorkelling

With mesmerising clear waters and thriving coral kingdoms, it’s little surprise that the Maldives is viewed by many across the globe as one of the most desirable and popular diving destinations in the world.

As a guest of The Nautilus, you can enjoy diving experiences at unique and exclusive dive spots that will allow you to fully embrace the gorgeous underwater wonderland.

From brilliant corals and vivid reef fish that glitter as they move to exceptional sea creatures such as turtles, mantas and in some places, even sharks — there’s so much to explore in the big blue of the Maldives.

Sunset cruises

There’s nothing that can quite compare to the scene of sunset at The Nautilus.

Swathes of fuschia intersperse with gold and dramatic reds which, in turn, dance along the cerulean waters of the Indian Ocean — it’s the epitome of breathtaking.

Sunset also makes for the perfect time of day to indulge in a scenic luxury cruise, glass of champagne (or non-alcoholic beverage) in hand. Keep a lookout for dolphins, who love to show off in the wake of the yachts.

Renew your vows

For married couples, there’s arguably no better place on earth to renew your vows than The Nautilus in the Maldives.

Revel in the experience of a beachside celebration on sugar-soft sands, a stone’s throw from aquamarine waters, surrounded by your family, loved ones and special guests.

The Nautilus team will tailor the day to be everything you could possibly wish for and more — from finding the perfect spot on the island to the festivities that follow, you can trust that your big day will be as idyllic and sensational as the destination itself.

Adventure to a local island

Immerse yourself in the unique culture and extraordinary energy of the Maldives by visiting one of the neighbouring local islands.

During one of these excursions, you’ll have the opportunity to take a glimpse into the lives of the locals, how they live and what ancient traditions have inspired and influenced the country.

Delight in a beach dining rendezvous

What could be more romantic than a private candlelit dinner set up on the beach, where you can dip your toes into the sand as you appreciate the dreamy setup and the uninterrupted quality time with your most special person?

Tailor the menu to your preferences, indulge in your favourite tipple (or non-alcoholic beverage), and make the most of a balmy evening alongside the luminous turquoise waters; this is the definition of luxury island living.

At The Nautilus, the possibilities are practically endless. Don’t believe us? Then book a visit and witness the magic of “a world of your own making” for yourself.

For more information and reservations, visit www.thenautilusmaldives.com or contact reservations@thenautilusmaldives.com.

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