Britain sets out review criteria for travel quarantine plans

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain will review its quarantine procedures based on the economic impact they are having and actions being taken by other countries as ministers try to limit the risk of importing new coronavirus cases, the government said in a statement.

Ministers have set out plans to quarantine most international arrivals from June 8 as part of efforts to minimise the risk of a second wave of COVID-19. Airlines have warned the plans will devastate their industry.

Formally publishing the rules it announced last month, the interior ministry said the system would be reviewed on June 29 to check it remained effective and necessary.

A Home Office statement said the review would look at factors such as the rates of infection and transmission overseas, the credibility of such data, and how international peers with more relaxed border controls were doing.

In addition, the ministry said it would “continue to take account of the impact on the economy and industry.”

The government is also looking at how it can safely increase travel by creating international travel corridors that dispense with the need for quarantine periods.

Reporting and photo: Reuters

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