Maldives’ freediving world record gets official recognition

The world record set by Maldives for the most people freediving simultaneously has been officially registered in the Guinness World Records.

On October 1, the island nation’s President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih joined 520 others in simultaneous freediving off the lagoon of Baros Maldives resort, staying underwater for around 30 seconds.

Freediving world champion Willian Trubridge, a double world record holding freediver from New Zealand, also participated in the event, dubbed “Neyvaa”, which in local Dhivehi language means breath.

Officials of Guinness at the scene declared the “Neyvaa” event as a new world record and presented the official certificate to President Solih.

“Neyvaa” was the Maldives’ attempt to break the world record previously held by ‘La Scuola del Mare 2’ (Verona), in Torri del Benaco, Verona. Verona had set the world record for the most people freediving simultaneously on October 11 2009 with 280 people.

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