Maldives to Utilize Lagoons in Malé Atoll for Tourist Facilities

The Government of Maldives has decided to develop the lagoons and sandbanks scattered throughout Malé Atoll. The decision to reclaim 10 islands between 5 to 10 hectares in lagoons was made yesterday by the cabinet.

Due to the expressions of interest from investors and the close proximity to major tourism infrastructure in the area, the lagoons and sand banks in Malé Atoll will be granted to establish tourist facilities.

Investors will be allowed to determine the shape, size and design of the islands. The government also noted that the reclamation and development should be done using environment friendly methods.

We, at Maldives Promotion House welcome such initiatives and will promote them. It is our opinion that this project will most likely be a very successful project as there is a high demand for tourist facilities in the area due to the close proximity to the capital city Malé and the Malé International Airport.

We believe that it will be more successful to utilize the existing lagoons by developing over water structures such as water bungalows and over water restaurants without reclamation, with the exception of a small reclaimed land area for a machine complex. Soneva Gilli by Six Senses and other over water products has proven to be successful.


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