Malé to Utilise Solar Powered ‘Clever Bins’

Maldives Promotion House – Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) recently announced that they have decided to install a series of solar-powered dustbins, otherwise known as ‘Clever Bins’, along the northern shoreline of Malé.

The ‘Clever Bins’, which will become the first public dustbins in the capital, are equipped with crystal clear display panels on three sides of the contraption. The fourth side is a solar panel that charges a battery during the day.

The batteries, which can hold up to 7 hours of charge, will light up the three display panels using directional LED beams. The display panels can host A2 sized paper posters or advertisements, and are encased in military standard Riot Shield Polycarbonate. The ‘Clever Bins’ also regulates power distribution, charge and what level of daylight the unit will use to self illuminate.

 “This is not a profit exercise. Maldives has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2020, and visitors to Malé are increasing more than ever before. The market has also shifted in favour of Asian visitors, who seek cultural experiences,” Managing Director of MMPRC, Simon Hawkins said.While a trip to Malé can be a highlight they find it very frustrating when there is nowhere to deposit rubbish.”

According to MMPRC, the bins will be situated along the outer most road near the Police Headquarters where tourists from nearby resorts usually arrive and leave. All clearing and maintenance work will be carried out by Malé City Council who will provide a staff member for training. MMPRC assured that the contract would be signed this week and that the bins would be delivered in six weeks.

Clever Bins can be found outside some of London’s busiest tube stations. Current confirmed locations include London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Birmingham City, Tower Bridge London, and known international locations include Singapore, Hong Hong and Italy.

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