Nika Island, Parley come together to raise awareness about ‘the ocean that used to be’

Nika Island Resort has hosted a new edition of its Nostalgia series, raising awareness about plastic pollution and the state of our oceans.

Edoardo Caccin, the External Director at Nika Island, opened the November edition of Nostalgia with a simple question: “How are you?”

Good!”, “Excellent!”, “Amazing!” were answers that started echoing all around.

Then, Edoardo formulated another question: “What if I ask the same question to the ocean? What would the ocean reply?”

Silence filled the room.

Shaahina Ali, Country Representative for Parley, gave the answer: “Very bad”.

During the latest event in the Nostalgia series, both Nika Island and Parley shared detailed presentations and videos about the current situation of plastic pollution in the ocean and how the issue impacts such a fragile country like the Maldives.

Nika is supporting Parley by intercepting plastic debris in the ocean. In addition to the various efforts to maintain the Maldives that used to be, Nika is also taking up the long-term challenge of eliminating single-use plastics on a broad scale in the island.

Edoardo commented: “We are working hard and with passion to preserve the authenticity of the country, what we call ‘the Maldives that used to be’.”

“The ocean surrounding the islands is a fundamental component of the beauty of the Maldives. We are excited to join Parley’s efforts for the interception of plastic and we hope that this collaboration will help to restore the original beauty of the Maldivian Waters, as ‘the ocean that used to be’ was not contaminated by plastic.”

A day after the Nostalgia event, the team from Parley along with team members and guests of Nika went to an uninhabited island for a cleanup.

“As a support to the communities surrounding Nika Island, we are happy to use our supply Dhoni to transport the plastic intercepted in Mathiveri and Bodufolhudhoo. These precious cargo will be  handed over to Parley, to be redesigned into products that would otherwise use virgin plastic,” Edoardo said.

Parley has also added Mathiveri School and Bodufolhudhoo School to their growing number of interception collaborators.

“Education and instilling awareness is a pivotal component of our daily operations. We are visiting the schools of Bodufolhudhoo and Mathiveri, explaining the current status of the ocean and the emergency related to plastic,” Shaahina said.

“We are educating the community to collect plastic and not to throw it in the ocean, and not to abandon it in the island.”

With this special edition of Nostalgia, Nika and Parley successfully managed to come together to shed light on the urgent need for action to eliminate plastic pollution in the ocean and on the importance of establishing a fruitful dialogue amongst resorts, local communities and international organisations.

Located in North Ari Atoll, Nika is a milestone of the Maldives hospitality industry.

The deserted island of Kudafolhudhu turned into a resort back in 1983. Since its inception, the philosophy and values that shaped this unique boutique resort are the same: privacy, natural sophistication and local heritage.

All of its 43 villas have been built according to the traditional Maldivian architectural style. Being one of the first resorts built in the country, everything on the island has been built using coral blocks, coconut palm trunks and palm leaves. A collection of antiques and unique Maldivian pieces of art decorate the interiors of all the villas.

Nika is a perfect example of a boutique hotel that breaks the dynamics of big international brands that are reshaping the Maldivian hospitality industry. Nika is a heady mix of Italian lifestyle and Maldivian traditions; a unique platform where heritage and natural beauty meet together.

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