Maldives amongst top long haul holiday destinations for Brits

Maldives is amongst the most popular long haul holiday destinations for Brits, booking data from travel specialists Southall Travel has revealed.

UK-based travel specialists Southall Travel looked at their booking data to see which spots were tops in 2017 and found that the Maldives ranked fourth in the list of top long haul holiday destinations amongst British travellers. Other destinations that made it to the list include the Thai island of Phuket, Mauritius and Indian city of Goa.

When it comes to long-haul city breaks, Dubai knocked them all for the top slot, closely followed by the new Emirate on the block Abu Dhabi before it was back to Thailand with its capital Bangkok taking the number three slot, followed by Las Vegas in at fourth and Malaysian capital Kaula Lumper at fifth.

The latest findings are in line with a recent study by TripAdvisor that ranked the Maldives fourth amongst the best value holiday destinations for British travellers during the summer.

Europe is the single biggest source market for the Maldives tourism industry with a share of over 50 percent of total arrivals. According to official figures, the European marked observed an year on year increase of 7.6 percent in the first three months of this year with arrivals increasing to 193,687 from 179,943.

Britain is a major European source market, as more than 100,000 British travellers visited the Maldives last year — a 9.8 percent increase from the year before.

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