Manta ray season begins at Olhuveli Beach and Spa Maldives

Olhuveli Beach and Spa Maldives resort has kicked off the manta ray season for the year.

Olhuveli, located in South Male Atoll, is a top destination in the Maldives for seeing manta rays. Until November, Olhuveli offers divers, snorkelers and even dry-land spectators a greater chance of spotting one of nature’s unusual creatures.

“One of the most exciting experiences Olhuveli offers with manta rays is seeing them from the jetty at dusk, when its spotlights entice shoals of frenzied fishy activity,” the resort’s operator, Sun Siyam Resorts said in an announcement.

During this time of the year, a combination of southwestern monsoon currents and lunar tides bring large quantities of planktonic shrimp (mantas’ favourite food) to various sites around Olhuveli, attracting large numbers of manta rays.

Manta rays with wing-like pectoral fins that stretch to a length of 13 to 15 feet (4 to 4.5 metres) move gracefully through the water while feeding with their enormous mouths. Having one of the largest comparable brain sizes of any marine animal makes them highly curious, resulting in some very close snorkelling encounters.

Easily accessible by a 45-minute speedboat transfer from Velana International Airport, Olhuveli offers one of the best luxury water villa accommodations, restaurants and recreational activities. Beautifully designed villas stand over turquoise waters, fusing modern flair with traditional architecture, while white sandy beaches give way to endless sea views that stretch for miles.

In addition to Olhuveli, Sun Siyam Resorts has a portfolio of boutique luxury resorts operating in the Maldives and Sri Lanka, including The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives, Sun Aqua Vilu Reef Maldives and Sun Aqua Pasikudah in Sri Lanka.

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