Dare to go fork-free whilst feasting on Maldivian specialities and learning about local culture with native hosts

Dare to go fork-free whilst feasting on Maldivian specialities and learning about local culture with native hosts

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is setting the scene for 2017 by inviting guests to sample a slice of local life with the launch of its ‘Traditional Maldivian Family Feasts’. These culinary extravaganzas will give guests the opportunity to sample local dishes in the company of Maldivian hosts who will teach them about Maldivian cooking and family life.

Guided by a Maldivian member of the Hadahaa team, this exploration of mouth-watering combinations will see diners make their way through a menu of exclusively Maldivian dishes. A relatively undiscovered cuisine internationally, the dishes are fragrant and light, using lime complemented by spices such as curry leaves and Githeyo Mirus (Maldivian chilli).

Coconut is a Maldivian favourite and features heavily throughout both sweet and savoury courses. Fresh fish caught locally, such as tuna, is also a key ingredient and is often matched with an array of salads and vegetable curries. Whilst guests will recognise some ingredients they will also have the chance to sample other less well known fare such as Kopee, a dark curly leaf similar to kale.

With such a large assortment of foods and flavours on offer it can be confusing to know what goes well together and when. With this in mind, the host will recommend culinary combinations based on guests’ preferences so guests can pull together their ideal dish from the cornucopia of plates in front of them.

For the adventurous, knives and forks will be put aside to embrace true Maldivian table etiquette which encourages handling food with hands over cutlery.

In addition to helping the guests choose which of the many dishes to try, each table host will spend time talking to guests about Maldivian life. From discussing how food is sourced, grown and prepared to explaining the workings of daily family life, how special moments and holidays are celebrated and the country’s diverse history, guests will come away with a greater understanding of this fascinating country.

Traditional Maldivian Family Feasts take place every Sunday and are open to all guests (welcoming up to eight at a time) costing USD 100/£81* per person. Alternatively, guests can reserve a private Traditional Maldivian Dining Experience for USD 120/£97 per person.

Nightly starting rates at Park Hyatt Maldives starts at USD 830/£675* per villa, inclusive of Breakfast. Meal plans up to All Inclusive are available.

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