Sail Maldives yacht rally… Biggest sailing event in the Indian Ocean! – Entries are now open for the first edition of the Sail Maldives yacht rally – one of the most exciting events the Maldives has ever seen – and organisers are inviting potential sponsors to get involved.

The whole country is gearing up to welcome participants from around the world. It will be the largest mass-participation event in Maldivian history, with Maldivians across the length of the entire country getting involved.

Sail Maldives will also help to propel the Maldives into the international yachting scene – a lucrative luxury tourism sector which has been somewhat side-lined until now in the Maldives.

The event is being covered by the international media, which gives Maldivian businesses a unique opportunity to showcase their brands to a global audience. As such, Sail Maldives is inviting Maldivian businesses to discuss sponsorship options with them.

The event already has the support of Maldivian authorities including the police, customs service, immigration and coastguard, without which this event would be impossible to coordinate.

sail-maldives-1The north-to-south rally, which takes over a month to complete, commences on 20th January 2017 at Uligamu in Haa Alif Atoll. Participants will stop at various islands along the way and there will be scheduled stops at checkpoints including in Baa Atoll before the vessels continue south, crossing the equator via the Zero Degree Channel. The rally concludes in Addu Atoll.

Sail Maldives participants will be chartering one of the ancient Spice Routes used by traders since as long ago as 2,000BC. As such, the Maldives has a rich history of welcoming seafarers as well as celebrating its own unique island traditions. This is something reflected in the Sail Maldives programme. Each checkpoint the participants stop at is hosting a festival, which includes bodu beru and other cultural shows.

This will give everyone taking part in Sail Maldives a unique opportunity to experience the ‘true’ Maldivian culture.  And importantly, it also gives Maldivians on islands across the country a chance to directly benefit from this event, with rally participants depending on services such as grocery supplies, laundry services, mechanical repairs and boating equipment. In addition, the rally is anticipated to attract an influx of spectators who will be in demand of guesthouse and resort accommodation along the rally route.

Organised excursions will be laid on for rally participants including snorkelling trips and scuba diving. Marking the conclusion of the rally, the Ocean Festival in Addu City will include beach games, and the official launch of Beach Golf in the Maldives.

 The rally will take around 45 days. It is being organised by a Maldivian company which specialises in bespoke travel and tourism services, Luxury Collections, in cooperation with the local authorities and island communities.

sail-maldives-1Luxury Collections CEO & Founder, Adeel Ahmed, said: “This is going to be the biggest mass-participation event in the Maldives, involving people from north to south of the Maldives. It’s a unique opportunity for small and medium-sized business owners in the Maldives, as well as larger corporations, to get involved.

“People on islands along the route, such as grocery store owners and mechanics; they can all benefit from this. And we’re inviting companies to take the unique opportunity to sponsor us, thereby getting their brand seen by an international audience as well as the local audience.

“It will also open a window into a world which most foreigners don’t usually get to see; our rich Maldivian culture. We have a unique culture and identity which we are proud of and happy to share with the rest of the world. Maldivians are known for their friendliness and warmth and we are looking forward to welcoming participants from all around the world.”

Sarah Harvey, Director of PR & Marketing, added: “Sail Maldives is an incredibly exciting project for everyone to get involved with. We’ll not only be making history, but also this is a very lucrative sector of the tourism industry which is ripe for development. There are all kinds of new opportunities for all sectors of Maldivian society to get involved, whether as a sponsor, a goods and services supplier, a performer, or as a spectator!”

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