Vishal Singh – creating memories at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives – Award winning Taj Exotica Resort & Spa stands out as a top luxury resort in the Maldives. The resort opened in 2002, continuously upgrading and introducing new innovations and trends in hospitality. Many new resorts opening in Maldives keep on benchmarking Taj Exotica for luxury hospitality in Maldives with the high standards and their commitment to excellence.

With an immense experience on entrepreneurship in Taj Hotels, we are introduced to Mr. Vishal Singh who is currently the General Manager of Taj Exotica Resort & Spa. During his overwhelming 22 years in the hotel and tourism industry he has diverse experiences in various Taj Hotels with a background in food & beverages and management.

Mr. Vishal Singh first came to Maldives in May 2012 as the General Manager at Vivanta by Taj – Coral Reef. After working there for three years he moved to lead Taj Exotica Resort & Spa in June 2015.

Taj Exotica

After graduating from the Institute of Hotel Management in Lucknow in 1992, Mr.Vishal Singh directly joined the Taj President in Mumbai as a hotel operation management trainee. Since then he has been progressively rising in hospitality and every opportunity have enriched his experiences learning and evolving.

With a vast knowledge on food and beverages and an inspiring passion to this field of work where he thinks that doing well for the benefit of everybody makes his work more harmonizing and welcoming which in return reflects on the guests. Mr. Vishal who fell in love with Maldives finds its people very friendly and kind, keeps a close bond with his colleagues even involving in recreational activities during his free time.

Prior to arrival to this shores, Mr. Vishal thought the images of serene lagoons, lush green islands and white sandy beaches of Maldives were photoshopped.  He was then amazed with the shades of blue and saw the amazing lagoons looked crystal clear with such flawless beauty that he even could see a penny go to the bottom if thrown.

Taj Exotica

Reflecting on his team, Mr. Vishal believes they are the soul of his wonderful resort. The team members who work away from their family and relatives need to be looked after and their welfare will only mirror lavish service to the guests residing in the resort. Staffs are given recreational activities and even have opened eyes and ears for creative ideas from them. Even the staffs are given vacation with their families in Taj resorts in Maldives and India.

Regarding the recent challenges, Mr. Vishal feels that this change will come to Maldives but believes we will ultimately come out stronger. He feels that during the decline there actually was a slight growth in guest arrival and feels that the increasing numbers of guest houses in the local islands and additional resorts also have played a huge role in the tourism industry in the past few years.

Taj Exotica

While working in the Maldives, Mr. Vishal pictures Maldives tourism industry as a place with a lot of opportunities and facilities where the staff are hardworking and enjoying the life after work at the same time. When asked what the vision he sees in Taj Exotica is, he was quick to say that they always expect the guests to return to the resort for their next holiday. Vishal highlighted that a couple who came for honeymoon came on their second trip with their kid which he feels that their vision is accomplished.

What he wants to see in the future is an expansion of resorts across the atolls with new airports making travelling much more comfortable, not with a congestion of resorts in a specific atoll. We wish Mr. Vishal and his colleagues all the best as Vishal has expressed that “memories we make here at Taj Exotica is what counts”.


Interview by Mamdhooh Ismail

Photos by Asad Photography

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