Maldives Road show kicks off in China

Road Show – The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) in partnership with Mega Maldives Airlines kicked off a Road show in China today. An overwhelming response was received from the Chinese travel trade for the event in Shanghai today, indicating their level of interest in the destination. The Road show will be held in the cities of Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Beijing on 14th, 15th and 16th of December respectively.

26 representatives from 16 partner companies from the tourism industry of Maldives, Mr. Haris Mohamed, Acting Managing Director of MMPRC will be leading the road show in Beijing. The Maldivian Ambassador in China, Dr. Mohamed Faisal will honour the events in all three cities.

These events are targeted to top travel trade and media in China with focus on the respective cities. The main objective of the Road show is to inform the agents about the latest news and information from the destination Maldives and why it is appealing to the Chinese traveller. The partners from the Maldives will get the opportunity to meet top agents face to face and conduct one on one meetings to inform and educate them about their individual products.

Moreover, the road show programme is designed to accommodate media information sessions, with interviews to relevant media channels in the respective cities. There were 3 holiday sponsorship prizes given by Sun Siyam Resorts and 1 holiday sponsorship given by Meeru Island Resort.

The programme was enriched with the performance of cultural dances by the Maldivian dancers, Goma, in colourful costumes. The cultural component added more flavour and interest to programme of the roadshow.

The road show was exclusively covered by Public Service Media in the local channel TVM. Chinese arrivals are currently responsible for 31.6 percent of market share with an arrival figure of 323,403 from January till October 2015. China is by far the largest single source market to the destination.

Hosting of the road show will strengthen the presence of Maldives in the first tier cities of Shanghai and Beijing whilst helping tap to the new promising market of Zhengzhou which is expected to help boost arrival figures while in turn sustaining the top market position.

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