Coral Reef Researchers launch IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds

Korallionlab – Marine biology researchers at the KorallionLab Marine Station in the Maldives are studying declining coral reef populations and have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to conduct this research.

Vavvaru Island in the Maldives is a prime location for the study of coral reef ecosystems. Marine biologists are hardly working at Korallionlab to study and promoting solutions to slow down or halt dominant coral reef populations declining and have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to help with research to preserve valuable coral reefs.

Coral reefs are beautiful and ecologically diverse ecosystems that are in danger of destruction due to a variety of causes, including exploitation, pollution and habitat destruction and from ocean temperature rise and acidification. Coral reefs are a vital part of the economic systems for millions of people as well as providing billions of dollars in tourism and pharmaceuticals as well as coast protection. Researchers at the KorallionLab in the Maldives in Lhayiyani Atoll have launched an IndieGoGo campaign at to raise money for research and conservation efforts on these coral reefs. For more information on KorallionLab, see

The money raised will be used to fund scientific trips by ten selected groups to spend 21 nights on Vavvaru Island conducting research. All research groups will be nominated by international universities and chosen by scientific collaborators affiliated with KorallionLab. Funds will pay for lodging, living expenses, travel and transfer costs.

Donors to the IndieGoGo campaign can choose to donate $5 with the sincere thanks of the team; $50 for their choice of a handmade cotton toy such as a turtle or octopus; $75 for a t-shirt and baseball cap with Korallionlab logo; $150 for eco-reef suncream; $250 for wooden handmade sunglasses; $500 for a wooden handmade watch; $1,000 for a voucher for select wines; $13,000 for a trip to Monaco; $25,000 for a trip to KorallionLab; and $35,000 for a family trip to KorallionLab. For more details on the perks associated with this IndieGoGo campaign, see the campaign page.

KorallionLab Marine Station opened in April 2013 and is dedicated to the study of coral research and other marine biology topics in the Maldives. KorallionLab is located on Vavvaru Island in the Lhayiyani Atoll in the Indian Ocean. It is open to Universities and scientific Associations especially focused on marine biology and coral reef studies.

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