Anantara launches Maldivian cooking classes

2 Maldives (s) – Adding to the Anantara range of Spice Spoons cooking classes in Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates, the chefs at Anantara in the Maldives have combined their gourmet knowledge to produce a set of 13 Maldivian recipes for a cooking class, creating an indigenous culinary journey for guests.

From serious foodies to hobby chefs, Spice Spoons offers insightful experiences for eager epicureans. The history of food is the history of its people, and exploring a country’s authentic cuisine reveals great insight into its heritage. Maldivian dishes reflect the pure simplicity of island life. Crystal waters abundant with fish encapsulate 26 island atolls where coconut, mangoes, bananas and watermelon grow in abundance. Centuries of trade with the Indian sub-continent, Africa, Arabia and the Far East have enriched the local palate with an exciting blend of herbs and spices from neighbouring continents. The result is an understated cuisine infused with subliminal flavours and nutritional benefits.

Budding master chefs start the morning of culinary discovery with a fresh Thai coconut drink to get their creative juices flowing, before joining the resort’s Thai chef in the Chef’s Garden.  As they collect fresh herbs and vegetables the chef explains the different uses of these in Maldivian cuisine.

2 Thila

Back at the kitchen participants don their specially designed Spice Spoons aprons, which are theirs to keep as a memento of this unique experience.  A theory class may not be what holidaymakers had in mind when packing for paradise, but the real life setting of a working kitchen soon turns any angst into amazement when culinary techniques are explained, kitchen skills are demonstrated and tricks of the trade are shared.

With the assistance of the chef, the newfound culinary knowledge is put into practice when participants each prepare a three-course menu of Maldivian tongue-twisting dishes. These dishes not only clearly demonstrate the basic principles of Maldivian cuisine, but all the ingredients can also be easily found when wanting to impress family and friends back home. Once the chef nods his head in approval that all students have mastered the art of Maldivian cooking, aprons are discarded, beverages are paired and served by waiters stepping in to bring the culinary master pieces to the table.

When staying at Anantara Hotels & Resorts, enquire about the Spice Spoons Culinary Journey. As a reminder of the engaging gastronomic experience, students take home an apron, a shopping bag, a chopping board and a certificate, as well as a set of recipe cards complete with beverage recommendations for each dish. Anantara also offers Thai Spice Spoons cooking classes upon request to learn about the diverse and tantalising cuisine of salty, sour, spicy and sweet tastes of Thailand. Visit and to reserve your stay.

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