Lionel Messi dives in Maldives for a selfie

Messi – Football coaches hate divers and Lionel Messi is not known as a diver until he dived in Maldives for a selfie to challegen Kobe Bryant.

Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant have trekked around the world in a competition to find out who can take the best “selfie”.

Messi and Kobe, who are widely regarded as two of the best players football and basketball respectively. They were filming a new advert for Turkish Airlines.

Barcelona star Messi starts off the contest by sending the LA Lakers hero a picture message of himself in Moscow, accompanied by the words “It’s on”. Short and sweet.

Kobe, naturally, responds to the challenge by getting himself to his nearest airport and jetting off to Beijing, where he takes a selfie of himself on the Great Wall of China.

Messi counter attacks by diving in Maldives in a beautiful coral reef surrounded by colourful fish. Kobe reacts by diving with a great white shark.

This battle continues until the pair find themselves together in the same location – at which point they dart off in the opposite direction to each other to continue their globe-trotting duel.

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