Maldives A Natural Wonder

Maldives Promotion House – The natural beauty of Maldives is more than enough proof that it is indeed a natural wonder to be beheld. The only country with such a unique geography, Maldives is a South Asian country located south-southwest of India, laid out across the Indian Ocean.

Consisting of about 1,200 coral islands clustered into atolls and beautifully lying in a unique double chain, Maldives spreads from north to south. The Maldivian atolls are formed from prehistoric volcanoes. With white sandy beaches surrounded by lagoons of varying hues and unimaginable beauty, the tropical Maldivian islands are unique.

Maldives also participated in the new seven wonders campaign. After the recent resignation of the Maldives Ministry of Tourism as the Official Supporting Committee for the Maldives in the New Seven Wonders, the organization has confirmed that this has no effect on the Maldives continued participation in the campaign.

Moreover the organization has made proposals for an alternative Official Supporting Committee for the Maldives. Maldives Association for Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) has also revealed its interest in work jointly with other associations, including the Maldives Association for Construction Industries (MACI), Liveaboard Association of the Maldives and Maldives Association of Yacht Operators (MAYA) to continue support for the campaign.

Secretary General of MATATO Maleeh Jamal said that they “are now negotiating with the organization. We wish to continue the participation of Maldives in the new seven wonders campaign.”

State Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Thoyyib Mohamed said the main reason for the government’s decision was not the payments but doubts about the transparency of the competition, due to the drastic changes in poll results.

“The banners at the airport were taken down last month and no further campaigning or promotion had taken place since then. But the Maldives bumped up to second place last month. There’s no transparency when it comes to votes,” Thoyyib said.

While Maldives has received a massive amount of support locally and internationally during the campaign, truth be told, Maldives does not require an awards to prove that Maldives is a natural wonder.

“We don’t need to pay for an award to prove the natural beauty of this country,” Thoyyib said.

We at Maldives Promotion House believe that the true beauty of Maldives can never be expressed with words or in pictures. However we support all campaigns to promote and introduce the natural wonders of Maldives to faraway lands.

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