Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi launches new resort video to support the Humane Society International

Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi Resort & Spa

Maldives Promotion House – A stunning video has been created by BasementVision for Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi Resort & Spa. A British man in the Maldives has followed his dream to create high end video footage for resorts in the Maldives, Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi Resort & Spa was one of the first to take advantage of their creative talent.

Backed by Moby’s ethereal music, the video takes you on a dreamy journey exploring the spirit of the resort, peace, tranquility and stunning landscapes – truly a journey of a lifetime.

Supporting Moby and his enthusiasm for protecting the environment and its creatures, the resort has made a substantial donation to the Humane Society. The Humane Society International is one of the only international animal protection organisations in the world working to protect all animals —including animals in laboratories, farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife — and their record of achievement demonstrates their dedication and effectiveness to this cause.

Fly high above the resort with Trans Maldivian Airlines, dive into the clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean, explore the white sandy beaches, take a treatment in the spa and sample the tasty cuisine. Experience the big heart of Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi Resort & Spa.

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