Harmonize Yourself at the AWAY® Spa at W Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – Imagine standing on the deck of a magnificent ship as it swiftly cuts through the waves. You look across the vast ocean as the salty sea breeze sweeps over you. As you sit overshadowed by a huge sail and mesmerized by the grandeur, the sounds of the waves calm your mind. It is a bliss that simply cannot be explained by words. An experience that will remain etched in your mind.

Welcome to the AWAY® Spa at W Retreat & Spa Maldives, one of most luxurious spas in Maldives. Set over the water, the AWAY® Spa has 66 square meters of indoor and outdoor treatment areas. The treatment areas overlook the surrounding waters of their island, like grand vessels on a journey to find peace.

The simply elegant AWAY® Spa offers you 4 luxurious treatment villas with over-water bathing areas and sundecks. They provide a range of treatments and natural healing therapies that will leave you energized, balanced and harmonious. The massages, body treatments, facials and Ayurvedic therapies at AWAY® Spa are also second to none.

Whether you wish to melt your tired muscles with and over-water massage, or enhance your skin’s natural beauty with a perfectly personalized facial, they will take you beyond simple cleansing. Each of their massage techniques has its own virtue, its own response to your body’s needs and to your state of mind. Their signature Sublime Comfort Facial also goes beyond simple cleansing with pure precious essential oils.

You can also seek a consultation with one of their specially trained therapist’s for a personalized ayurvedic program and experience selected therapies to detoxify the body, harmonize the mind and calm the spirit.

If you’re looking for that perfect peaceful and private corner of the world where you cleanse yourself from the work and stress of the busy life left behind, AWAY® Spa is all you will need. Let relaxation overtake your body, and you will leave detoxified, energised and stimulated. So go ahead, and let yourself be soothed, nurtured and healed, at W retreat & Spa Maldives.

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