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InterContinental Maldives invites guests to third Manta Retreat in March 2024



After the successful launch of the Manta Retreat in 2022, the InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort is gearing up for its third Manta Retreat, scheduled to take place from March 9th to 12th, 2024. This unique experience offers guests an opportunity to delve into the world of manta rays, their natural habitat, and the conservation efforts led by the Manta Trust.

The Manta Retreat, designed for travelers seeking an extra dimension to their vacations, encourages participants to explore and understand these majestic creatures while contributing to ocean conservation. The retreat will be led by Meral Hafeez, the Manta Trust base leader at InterContinental Maldives, who will guide participants through an immersive experience.

The focus of the third Manta Retreat will be on meeting the manta rays that inhabit the surrounding waters of the island, emphasizing their protection and ocean conservation. Meral Hafeez expressed her enthusiasm for sharing the wonders of Maldivian marine life, stating, “I can’t wait for everyone to experience their first manta ray and the wonders of the deep!”

This year’s retreat coincides with the Maamunagau Manta Season in March, where young manta rays gather in the resort’s lagoon, offering a unique opportunity for up-close encounters. The Maamunagau Lagoon serves as a crucial research ground for the Manta Trust team, allowing guests to actively participate in the identification and naming of manta rays through the Manta ID workshop.

The Manta Retreat package, priced at USD 1490 per guest, includes two manta ray snorkeling trips, a guided house reef snorkeling experience, the chance to name and adopt a manta ray, and various workshops covering manta rays, plankton, and coral restoration.

For certified divers, dedicated dive spots around the resort provide opportunities to observe the natural manta ray ‘spa’ at cleaning stations, showcasing the fascinating symbiosis of marine life in the Maldives.

The purpose of the Manta Retreat goes beyond education and exploration; it also serves as a fundraiser to support the valuable work of the Manta Trust. Guests staying at InterContinental Maldives can enjoy the resort’s luxurious facilities and accommodations while those not participating in the retreat have plenty of entertainment options.

To book the Manta Retreat or for more information, visit InterContinental Maldives Sustainability or contact the reservations team at or on WhatsApp at +960 730 9300.


‘MalDIVAS on Tour’: 9 women travel partners visit Atmosphere Core’s 3 resorts



International hospitality company Atmosphere Core hosted the “MalDIVAS on Tour” from 10th to 17th July 2024. This unique voyage featured nine top women operators and product managers from the United Kingdom who visited OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi, OBLU NATURE Helengeli by SENTIDO, and RAAYA By Atmosphere. The purpose of the tour was to immerse the participants in the unique holiday experiences offered by each resort and to express heartfelt thanks for their longstanding partnership and support.

Silvia Collepardi, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts and COLOURS OF OBLU brands, said, “Our journey, aptly named ‘MalDIVAS,’ took us through three stunning resorts. It was a perfect blend of work and play, showcasing three of our properties and the unique experiences each one offers. This trip was not just about exploring beautiful resorts; it was a testament to our strong cooperation and growing presence in the market. We are deeply grateful to all the nine leading women operators from UK who joined us for this experience.”

Some of United Kingdom’s most experienced travel veterans were invited for the tour, including  Sheena Dovey from Bespoke Earth, Sheryl Drane from Travelbag, Dipshaa Patel from Kenwood Travel, Neela Goyal from Southall Travel, Anjana Arun Tanna from The Luxury Travel Club, Carla Mclellan from Travel Counsellors, Fiona Scott Evans from British Airways Holidays, Diane Pendergast from Gold Medal, Kerry Towers from Best At Travel, and Julie Murray from If Only.

The tour commenced with a lively welcome cocktail at Element X and dinner at ONLY BLU in OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi with senior leadership from Atmosphere Core. At OBLU NATURE Helengeli by SENTIDO, the group experienced the newly built water villas and enjoyed a bespoke private beach dinner set up at Just Grill restaurant, complete with a fire show and special cocktails.

Everyone got a chance to visit to the company’s recently launched castaway island resort, RAAYA by Atmosphere. Culminating the tour on a joyful note, with a vibrant Pink Party at Ampers&nd rooftop bar at RAAYA By Atmosphere. The ladies donned their best pink attire and enjoyed an evening of sparkling wine, canapés, and handcrafted cocktails. At all the islands, the ladies were pampered with exclusive treatments at the spa and wellness centres by ELE|NA.

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Cinnamon Hotels offers unforgettable Maldivian experience with first ever best rate guarantee promise



A holiday in the Maldives is infamous for its lush flamboyance. Whether you’re a seasoned adrenaline junkie or a first-time thrill-seeker, the Maldivian waters beckon with promises of excitement and awe. Here are the top five activities that make the Maldives an ideal destination for an unforgettable adventure. Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts’ four remarkable resort islands—Cinnamon Vellifushi Maldives, Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives, Cinnamon Hakuraa Hurra Maldives, and Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon—have an irresistible offer tailored for travellers seeking a thrill-packed escape.

Beneath the surface of the Maldives’ crystal-clear waters lies a world of wonder waiting to be explored. With warm waters, exceptional visibility, and rich biodiversity, snorkelling here offers an unforgettable adventure for all. As you glide over vibrant coral reefs teeming with life, you’ll encounter tropical fish, graceful rays, and even gentle giants like whale sharks and manta rays. Whether you’re exploring house reefs or venturing to remote snorkelling sites, the options are endless.

Embark on island-hopping adventures to discover the unique culture and traditions of the Maldives. Visit local communities, where families can interact with friendly locals, sample traditional Maldivian cuisine, and learn about the rich heritage of these paradise islands.

The Maldives is home to a variety of marine life, and one of the most enchanting experiences for travellers is a dolphin-watching cruise. Set sail on the azure waters as playful dolphins frolic in the waves, creating a mesmerising spectacle for both children and adults.

Cap off your day in paradise with a picturesque sunset cruise. Sail into the horizon on a traditional Maldivian dhoni, surrounded by the warm hues of the setting sun.

Private dining in the Maldives is more than just a dinner; it’s a sensory excursion into paradise, where crystal-clear waters meet pristine shores. Culinary experiences in this tropical paradise have become an amazing art form, delivering exclusivity, spectacular views, and unique flavours.

Imagine an intimate dinner on a secluded island, surrounded by the relaxing sounds of ocean waves and the stunning colours of a tropical sunset. This is only one aspect of the Maldives’ unique private dining experiences. Resorts dotted across the archipelago create distinctive environments, such as private beach dinners with personal chefs, to evoke a sense of seclusion and romance.

So, whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates beauty, Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts’ latest campaign promises an experience like no other. The ideal Maldivian holiday is within reach. Plan your holiday with Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts now for an unforgettable adventure under the sun and amidst the waves.

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Angsana Velavaru reaffirms commitment to sustainability, cultural heritage, local economy



At Angsana Velavaru, an all-inclusive premium resort in the virtually untouched South Nilandhe Atoll sustainability and cultural preservation are woven into the fabric of daily life. The resort’s journey, driven by passion and dedication, begins with a simple yet profound question: “What if dried coconut leaves could find new life? Can they breathe new purpose to the local community?”

Part of Banyan Group, an independent, global hospitality company with purpose, Angsana Velavaru honours Maldivian heritage and protect the environment, by embarking on the unique initiative, ‘The Life Cycle of Coconut Leaf.’ This starts with planting coconut trees on the resort and trimming their leaves regularly. Partnering with local communities, the resort transforms these discarded leaves into beautiful thatched roofs known as kajan.

Guided by the Group’s ethos, “Embracing the Environment, Empowering People”, the cycle begins with lush, green coconut palm trees that provide shade and beauty to the resort. As leaves naturally die, they turn brown, becoming a potential resource rather than waste. Skilled climbers carefully harvest dead leaves, promoting new growth and maintaining tree health. Collected leaves are stored to dry and harden, preparing them for traditional weaving. Local artisans collect the aged leaves, ready to transform them into functional kajan roofing. The resort buys the processed leaves, supporting local artisans and preserving traditional skills. The kajan is delivered to the resort, carrying the essence of Maldivian craftsmanship. The thatched panels are installed on villa roofs, blending tradition with natural aesthetics. Old thatched roofs are carefully removed for repurposing, minimising waste. The removed kajan is composted, enriching the soil with nutrient-rich organic matter. The compost is used to plant new coconut trees, completing the cycle of renewal. Through this initiative, we create a cycle of renewal that supports local communities, preserves cultural practices, and nurtures our environment.

Nominated in Travel Trade Maldives 2024 under the Most Sustainable Resort category and South Asian Travel Awards 2024 under the Leading Eco-Friendly Hotel / Resort, Angsana Velavaru emerges as a frontrunner in showcasing an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. The resort’s initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint, conserve natural resources, and protect the biodiversity of the Maldives through Marine Talk, Citizen Science Snorkelling, Coral Planting, House Reef Cleanup and beyond, are exemplary – setting a standard for responsible tourism.

In July 2023, the Green Sustainability Team, composed of passionate associates from various resort departments, launched the “SustainLinen Tote Bag with Purpose” initiative. This program, aimed at reducing plastic waste, provided eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic bags for resort associates. By September 2023, the initiative was expanded to include neighbouring communities and in-house guests.

In April 2024, the resort took this initiative further by repurposing broken umbrellas into stylish and durable tote bags. This innovative step underscores their commitment to sustainability, demonstrating how even unexpected items can be transformed and given new life.

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