Stay Beach Side at Holiday Inn Kandooma with a Maldivian Beach BBQ

Maldives promotion House – Barbecues and grills are not just an element of the west. Isolated and rural as it may be, Maldivians are also very much into BBQs. But there is an element of it that’s very rare, especially in resorts. It’s the local dishes.

Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives hosts a very special event every Friday. It’s the Maldivian Beach BBQ at their West Beach. What’s special isn’t just the BBQ or the local dishes, you also get to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets as you dine on the local food under the stars.

A truly relaxing Maldivian experience, the Maldivian Beach BBQ is a wonderful opportunity for you to sample a large variety of local dishes, as they put it, ‘with the sand between your toes’. And that is something you don’t get everywhere.

The cheap but highly valuable event will only set you back USD 62++ per person. Meal Plan guests are also offered a 20 percent discount. Fill your bellies with the best local dishes while the sun sets just over the horizon. So go on and ‘Stay Beach Side,’ open from 06:30 PM to 09:30 PM every Friday.

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