Kuramathi Scores Gold on Travelife

Maldives Promotion House – Kuramathi Island Resort has announced the newest addition to its belt of achievements – the Travelife Gold award. Travelife is an international certification scheme that helps hotels and accommodations to improve the way they manage their social and environmental issues and if they have met Travelife’s strict sustainability criteria, they will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

Recognised globally, the Travelife award is an industry led scheme, where tour operators and accommodation providers work in partnership to display their commitment to sustainability. It is one of the few schemes that values social policy as highly as environmental management and it helps its members develop and promote good sustainable practices.

Achieving this prestigious accolade required dedication and hard work towards their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals, which include overseeing the flora and fauna of the island, persistent monitoring of our marine ecosystem, conducting awareness programs, proper waste management methods, energy and water saving measures built into their operations, and continuous collaboration with the local community, to educate and protect the environment, and to provide employment and business opportunities, are key highlights that awarded us the acclaimed title.

Kuramathi plays a vital role in ensuring sustainability in all its operations. Their Eco Centre is the hub of all our CSR activities, and is led by a compact team consisting of a marine biologist, horticulturist and a coordinator. This team together with resorts’ environment committee consisting of members from all areas of resort operations and development drive all our efforts towards environmental, economic and social sustainability in our business and its growth harmoniously with nature, their team and their community.

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