Russian actress Agata Muceniece enjoys well- needed retreat at Hideaway Beach Resort

Where better to escape the cold Moscow winter than in the endless summer at the picturesque Maldives? And where better to hide away from everything than Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa in the Maldives?

This is exactly what renowned Russian actress and TV star Agata Muceniece has decided to do for her winter vacation. Bags packed with her lovely two kids in tow, she made a journey over to the paradise.

They are now having a well-deserved rest and relaxation at the beautiful 33-hectare resort in the Maldives.

Fans of the actress took to social media to show that they were happy that one of their favourite TV personalities is taking time off from her busy schedule to be with her lovely children. They wished her happy holidays.

The actress teased her tropical vacation while on the flight with her kids via Instagram with the caption, “Guess where we’re going? And wish us a good rest!”

She then went on to show to all her fans on Instagram how to vacay at the sunny side of life with a slew of interesting Instagram posts and stories every day.

Together with her dear children, she is spending her time at a two-storey family villa with a swimming pool, where there is a table under a canopy offering a nice respite from the sun.

The super private beach villa with a backyard and a kid-friendly pool and private beach area is perfect for a celebrity of her stature and offers a home away from home for her kids to run around and do all sorts of fun stuff.

On the second floor of the house, there is a scenic deck where Agatha can sit in the evenings after she puts the children to bed to have a much-needed time for herself and meditate.

The villa also has a separate exit to the beach, which allows for discerning guests like her to have a much-needed private time with her family.

From her Instagram, it shows that the family is enjoying a relaxing time on the shore, examining the curious and harmless marine life that comes literally near their feet in the lagoon and at the beach. They are also indulging in some super tasty food at the resort.

A year-end vacation with kids in a spacious villa with all of their needs being attended to by their very own butler is just what the doctor ordered for an overall wholesome family time and a well-deserved break.

One thing is for sure that this vacation is one that Agatha’s kids will never forget as they are having an adventure of a lifetime exploring the huge resort: spotting interesting marine life, curiously spotting interesting fauna like snails living near the thick foliage in the island, doing something educational like learning how to make their own pizza, and even chasing some crabs on the fine sandy beach!

Set on a crescent-shaped private island in the northern Haa Alif Atoll, this incredible resort offers a choice of private beach and overwater villas — many with pools — for guests to unwind and enjoy a home away from home. The privacy levels offered are the hallmark of this award-winning destination, which boasts some of the largest beachfront villas in Maldives.

Gourmands and foodies alike can indulge in award-winning culinary experiences.

Wellbeing is a core part of the Hideaway experience, with the Hideaway Spa offering a range of treatments for rejuvenation and relaxation.

The abundance of fish life around this Maldivian resort is second to none, making it a prime location for snorkelling and scuba diving.

The perfect Maldives retreat, Hideaway offers the utmost in romance and is one of the preferred destinations for those celebrating their honeymoon.

Families are also very welcome at Hideaway, with an extensive Kids Club available to help keep young travellers entertained during their stay.

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