Maldives Border Miles: Reward yourself whenever you visit paradise

The Maldives Border Miles is a tourism loyalty programme initiated by the Maldives Immigration, together with the tourism ministry, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL).

The programme will come into effect in December.

It is a three-tiered loyalty programme – the first of its kind in the world – for tourists. Tourists who enrol in the programme will earn points based on the number of visits and duration of stay. Additional points will be awarded for visits to celebrate special occasions.

What are the tiers?

  • Aida (bronze tier)
  • Anantara (silver tier)
  • Abaarana (gold tier)

Each tier will be defined by a set variety of rewards, services or benefits, which increase in value as members progress.

How you will earn points?

  • 50 points for each border crossing
  • 30 points for visits to celebrate honeymoons
  • 30 points for visits to celebrate wedding anniversaries
  • 30 points for visits to celebrate birthdays
  • 10 points for visits during local occasions
  • 20 points for seasonal visits
  • Five points for each night spent in Maldives
  • Five points for pre-defined services obtained from partners

How can you upgrade the tier?

  • Earn 500 points to reach Aida
  • Earn 2000 points to reach Antara
  • Earn 4000 points to reach Abaarana

If you are traveling to the Maldives as a tourist, you can enrol in the programme. Points will be rewarded if you stay in a registered tourist facility for at least three nights. For the most recent updates of the programme, visit

With the introduction of the Maldives Border Miles programme, it is expected that tourism will boost considerably as it is an added advantage for travellers. It is also a golden opportunity for returning visitors to rediscover the best of Maldives and get the most out of their visit to the sunny side of life.

The Maldives reopened its borders on July 15.

With the border reopening, 30-day free on-arrival visa is issued to all tourists with a confirmed booking for a stay at any registered tourist facility in the country.

There is no mandatory quarantine or testing on arrival, but tourists have to complete an online health declaration form and provide a negative PCR test result taken at least 96 hours prior to their departure.

Visitors with symptoms of the Covid-19 respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus or those travelling with someone who has similar symptoms are also tested at their own expense.

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