Masks to be compulsory at more indoor public spaces in Greece

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece will make mask-wearing compulsory at more indoor public spaces to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus after a small flare-up of COVID-19 infections in the second half of this month, its Deputy Civil Protection Minister said on Tuesday.

Health authorities made mask-wearing mandatory for consumers at supermarkets 10 days ago. Masks must also be worn on public transport.


The new measures come into effect from Wednesday and will require masks to be worn by everyone inside retail shops, offices, banks, food stores and bakeries. Churches are excluded for the time being.

“The rise in infections in Athens and Thessaloniki proves the virus is still here. The requirement is for the collective good. The situation must not cause panic but neither complacency,” Nikos Hardalias said.

Greece’s health minister said last week the country was not facing a second wave of infections but needs to remain vigilant.

Greece has managed to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections to 4,227 confirmed cases and 202 deaths up to Monday after imposing an early lockdown.

“We must not let any room for things to go wrong,” Hardalias said.

Reporting and photo: Reuters

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