Six Senses teams up with Biosphere Expeditions

Six Senses is taking part in a joint venture with conservation organisation Biosphere Expeditions and the government of the Maldives to launch a groundbreaking reef monitoring expedition. The expedition is unique in combining tourism with science whilst at the same time reaching out to Maldivians by providing a reef educational booklet for Maldivian children and expedition scholarship places for Maldivian citizens.

The educational booklet was launched on 3rd September with 2,500 copies handed to the Ministry of Education. Designed to inspire the younger generation on the wealth of marine life in Maldivian reefs, the book explains how climate change and various other impacts are putting increasing pressure on these ecosystems.

Young Maldivians Nishan Thoufeeg and Mohamed Mazin have gained scholarships to receive training and certification in reef monitoring. These scholarships will enable them to continue surveying long after the scholarship ends and to continue contributing vital data to the Maldives government on the health of Maldives reefs.

“Our country is the most beautiful in the world and we want to keep it that way. We need to make sure people are aware of the fragility of our environment. The expeditions will continue to be run for a month or so each year from now on. Biosphere Expeditions together with Six Senses are in it for the long haul and would like to continue contributing to data collection and capacity-building, reaching out to as many Maldivians as we can,” Deputy State Minister Rasheed said while thanking the expedition participants.

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