Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa unveils its new ‘Vidhun Spa’

Maldives Promotion House – Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, which offers a pure Maldivian experience in the heart of Gaafu Alifu Atoll – is unveiling it’s new ‘Vidhun Spa’ this month which aims to generate Sehathu or Good Health, by balancing the three humours of the body – Hoonu (Hot), Fini (Cold) and Hiki (Dry).

‘Vidhun’ means to shine, with guests benefiting from the traditional Maldivian medicinal practice of Dhivehibey – which has roots in Ayurvedic, Chinese and Tibetan medicine – their spirit will quite literally shine as they radiate good health.   Dhivehibey uses the same Buddhist principles as Ayurveda due to the influence of the early Buddhist settlers in the Maldives, but has grounded them more solidly in nature’s creations, i.e. sun, ocean, sand – representing the hot, cold and dry humours.

Each Park Hyatt Spa is custom-designed to embrace the local environment and culture to provide an authentic indigenous experience. The new Vidhun Spa blends the pure beauty of the southern islands, fresh, native fruits and herbs and the power and history of Maldivian wellness.

Local elements used include fresh plants and herbs of the Maldives such as the national fruit, Coconut, and the national flower, the Rose. Other natural gems include Papaya – the plants grown during the early inhabitation of Maldives – Lemons and Hibiscus.

The Vidhun journey begins with a walk through the lush green garden, thriving with native Maldivian flora, past the tranquility pool to the serene spa village which comprises five thatched, paradise villas. Garden cabanas offer shelter for relaxed bodies and minds to revitalise before and after therapy.

The Vidhun experience begins when the spa’s signature Meeruvas (scent) is applied to the wrist of the guest. As part of this welcome ritual, guests are also offered a chilled glass of Kurun’baa Fani, a customised Maldivian drink which helps to soothe them in advance of the treatment.

The Vidhun treatment starts with an opening Meeruvas Lonu (aromatic salt) ritual, where guests are invited to soak their feet in a warm bath of peppermint salt water so as to stimulate nerve endings in preparation for their relaxation journey.

From there guests receive a pressure point stimulation on scalp, shoulder, back & legs and spinal stretching in order to balance the three humours to restore good health.

The treatment ritual culminates with the ’Loa Faruaa’, an eye care ritual, where a rose cooling eye paid is applied on both eyes to bring about pressure point stimulation.

To complete the Vidhun experience, a delicate coconut shell bracelet is tied around the guest’s wrist as a parting ritual that represents the transformation from an overactive and overwhelmed mind to a tranquil soul. The bracelet is also believed to shield the body and mind from negative thoughts.

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