Kurumba Maldives celebrates Eid al-Adha

Kurumba Maldives has celebrated Eid al-Adha this year, with guests invited to join several traditional activities held throughout the day.

Eid al-Adha or “Festival of Sacrifice” is one of the most important religious holidays in the Islamic calendar, and is celebrated worldwide by Muslims to mark the end of Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. Celebrated in its own unique way, Eid al-Adha in the Maldives is not only a festival of prayer and feasting but also a carnival of colours, music and joy.

If joy, colour and music took over the main and local islands of Maldives on Tuesday, it so well did at the tropical island of Kurumba. Dressed up in colourful traditional costumes with smiles on their faces, the resort’s staff took a parade around the island, bringing happiness and harmony to guests wherever they stopped by.

‘Koadi’ and ‘Bodu Mas’ were the main highlights of the event. Derived from ancient folklores passed down from generation to generation, these two traditional festivities showed guests the true colours of the Maldives, giving them a real and unique experience of Eid.

A day full of activities will not end with less excitement. With the participation of guests and team members at ‘The Eid Ufaa Show’, surely remarked an unforgettable and successful event to remember as precious memories.

Kurumba, the very first resort in the Maldives, is set on a tropical island in the North Male Atoll, conveniently located a brief 10-minute speedboat ride away from the main airport.

Kurumba draws on its proud 45-year history, charismatic personality and heartfelt service, to offer compelling and diverse experiences amidst a stunning island setting.

The resort offers an array of eight styles of accommodation, ranging from comfortable Superior rooms to the spacious Royal Residence, spread among the island’s lush tropical gardens with easy access to the beach. With eight different restaurants and four bars to choose from.

Kurumba will charm you with its unparalleled choice of dining experiences and a wide range of recreation activities and entertainment; all the while maintaining idyllic spaces of relaxation to create the perfect balance for a holiday in paradise, perfect for honeymooners and family alike.

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