Adventurer Neil Laughton Hosts Soneva Gili Dinner

Maldives Promotion House – Next up in the season of special dinners hosted by international explorers is Neil Laughton, who will be visiting Soneva Gili by Six Senses on 15th October. Neil is a modern day Phileas Fogg who likes nothing better than to attempt the seemingly impossible.

He has climbed the fearsome “Seven Summits”, the tallest mountains in each of the seven continents, circumnavigated the British Isles on a jet ski, played golf at the North Pole, driven across the Sahara desert and piloted a flying car over the straits of Gibraltar.

On the 80th anniversary of Shackleton’s miraculous escape from Antarctica, Neil sailed a replica of the James Caird, the lifeboat Shackleton piloted to safety, onto formidable Elephant Island and retraced Shackleton’s steps across South Georgia on foot. Neil was also Bear Gryll’s safety officer for his world record breaking paramotor flight over the Himalayas.

At his Soneva Gili dinner, Neil will describe the retreat of the glaciers he witnessed, in comparison to pictures taken 80 years before, during the Shackleton Memorial Expedition and will also talk about the SkyCar Expedition, a 10,000 kilometre journey from London to Timbuktu including a flight across the Straits of Gibraltar and a traverse of the Empty Quarter of the Sahara Desert in a British made prototype flying car using part fossil fuel and part bio-ethanol.

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