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Ten ways to make you a better person with travelling



If you thought the best lessons of life were taught and learnt in only those four walled place called a classroom, you can’t be more wrong.

The best life lessons are learnt a few hundred miles away from your comfort zone (home), sitting on a charpoy (a light bedstead) and sipping tea with a stranger (or a native) who is eager to spill his knowledge to anyone willing to lend an ear. You also have a great learning to do from quietly flowing rivers, massive yet humble mountains, and ultimately Mother Nature, who never fails to awe its children.


1. Travelling makes you more patient
Varied cultures, different people and complex situations… while travelling you come across all of this and more! Sometimes you compromise, sometimes you let go of the bone of contention. In any case, you will learn to adapt yourself in the prevailing situations and look at the bigger picture.

2. Travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone
Fear of heights, fear of being alone, fear of water, and fear of unknown… we spend most of our lives, limiting ourselves, never really living life to its fullest. Travelling would mow down that wall for sure. When you travel, you invent new ways of dealing with situations and learn to step out of your comfort zone because you know it will only change you in a better way.

3. Travelling makes you confident
You have scaled great mountains, dived in deepest water, navigated in unknown territories, shared tables with strangers, and conquered fears… if this hasn’t made you a confident person, what will?


4. Travelling leads you to appreciate differences and move past them
When you travel, you are exposed to traditions and cultures, you did not know existed. A few could be shocking revelations and others would pleasantly surprise you! Travelling teaches you to be more open and easy going.

5. Travelling teaches you to manage your finances better
From saving for your dream trip to compromising with a deluxe room to accommodate an extra day in the city, travelling can teach you about finances so much better than those B-schools.

6. When you travel you are more likely to succeed as a person
People management skills, crisis management, conflict management, finances, better utilization of resources: if you are an avid traveller, you already have learnt the major life lessons that are required to lead a successful life.


7. Travel helps forgive what you can and accept what you can’t
You have dealt with missed flights, adjusted with a nosy co-traveler, braved bed-bugs or had flat tyre on a road trip… You know there are things that can’t be controlled and a few things will go wrong no matter how well you plan them. You whine, you complain, and eventually you learn to move on.

8. As you travel you realize world is not a bad place after all
People cheat, you get fleeced, fooled and made fun of, travelling is mighty expensive, if that is how you view the world in general, be ready for that image to shatter. The number of good people will always outnumber the ones who cheat, lie or kill. Also, you don’t need an exorbitant amount of money to travel.

9. Travelling makes you humble
“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world” – Gustave Flaubert. Infinite oceans, endless shades of blues and beach: a glimpse of this is enough to make you realize how utterly miniscule our existence is.

10. You learn to enjoy the moment.
Probably, the biggest lesson while travelling is to appreciate the moment. We are so busy crying or fussing over things we have little control on, that we forget how to appreciate the life that is passing by.


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The Nautilus Maldives welcomes Christopher Terry as Executive Chef



The Nautilus Maldives has announced the appointment of Christopher Terry as their new Executive Chef. Chef Terry brings a wealth of experience and a global flair to the resort’s diverse dining experiences.

A native of Antigua and Barbuda, Chef Terry’s culinary skills encompass a wide range of cuisines, including Mediterranean, French, Caribbean, European, and Asian. This makes him a perfect fit for The Nautilus, which is known for its eclectic and unique dining options.

Throughout his 15-year career, Chef Terry has honed his craft at some of the world’s most prestigious luxury resorts, including Aman, Rosewood Resorts, and Sandals Resorts. His exceptional talent has been recognized with numerous awards, such as the Artisan Award at the Antigua & Barbuda National Youth Awards and Young Chef of the Year by the Antigua Hotel’s and Tourist Association.

Chef Terry believes in using the finest ingredients, with a focus on fresh, local produce. His culinary philosophy aligns perfectly with The Nautilus’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences and unforgettable taste journeys for its guests.

Under Chef Terry’s leadership, guests at The Nautilus can expect to explore the following:

  • Zeytoun: Offering a focus on the aromatic herbs and spices of the Mediterranean.
  • Ocaso: Blending Japanese cuisine with a modern Latin American twist.
  • Thyme: Featuring comforting international cuisine, with flavors ranging from Asian to Mediterranean.

Chef Terry’s creations promise to be a reflection of pure, high-quality ingredients, thoughtfully paired for a delicious dining experience.

Equipped with a degree in Culinary Arts and a Wines and Spirits certification, Chef Terry brings a spirit of curiosity and a passion for culinary innovation to The Nautilus. Inspired by the Maldives’s rich natural bounty and pristine ingredients, he aims to elevate The Nautilus’s menus with his signature Caribbean-infused creations.

To discover the epicurean journeys available at The Nautilus Maldives, visit

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Avani+ Fares Maldives Resort appoints Thaaif Ahmed appointed as Director of Sales & Marketing



 Avani+ Fares Maldives Resort, part of Minor Hotels, has announced the appointment of Thaaif Ahmed as the Director of Sales & Marketing, effective 1 May 2024. 

Thaaif brings nearly two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, with a significant portfolio  of roles within Minor Hotels. His career includes serving as the Director of Sales at NH Collection  Maldives, where he played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth and fostering strategic  partnerships. 

Throughout his tenure, Thaaif has demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities and a profound  understanding of the industry landscape. His strategic prowess and collaborative approach have  consistently delivered outstanding results, making him a respected figure within the organisation. 

In his previous capacity as Cluster Director of Sales, overseeing Anantara Dhigu Resort Maldives,  Anantara Veli Resort Maldives, and Naladhu Private Island, Thaaif contributed to the success and  growth of the brand.  

As he assumes the role of Director of Sales & Marketing at Avani+ Fares Maldives Resort, Thaaif is  poised to leverage his wealth of experience and expertise to drive brand positioning, enhance  revenue streams, and elevate the overall guest experience. His appointment underscores the  resort’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the hospitality sector. 

Please join Stuart De San Nicolas, Cluster General Manager of Anantara Kihavah, Avani+ Fares and  NH Collection Havodda plus Riaan Drever, General Manager of Fares in congratulating Thaaif on his  well-deserved promotion. We also express our gratitude to Paul Counihan, for his support during our  pre-opening and opening stages. Paul will transition to focus on Anantara Kihavah, our sister  property in Baa Atoll, while Thaaif assumes leadership at Avani+ Fares Maldives. 

Set on the natural tropical island of Fares and surrounded by the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve’s deep  blue hues, the resort offers an abundance of aquatic adventures as well as pristine sandy beaches  for pure relaxation. With 176 stylish villas, pavilions, and studios, Avani+ Fares welcomes couples  and honeymooners, as well as families and groups, with a focus on multi-room accommodation. 

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Seaside Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives appoints Warren Moore as Executive Chef



Seaside Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives has announced the appointment of Warren Moore as the resort’s new Executive Chef. 

Chef Warren Moore hailing from South Africa, brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise,  having earned his Culinary Degree at City and Guilds Culinary Institute. With over 25 years of  distinguished service in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry, Chef Warren is poised to elevate the  culinary offerings at Seaside Finolhu to new heights. 

In his previous role, Chef Warren served as Executive Chef at Jawakara Maldives, where he showcased  his culinary prowess and leadership skills. Prior to that, he spent seven years honing his craft within  various properties of the esteemed Crown and Champa Resorts Group. His culinary journey has taken  him across continents, including stints in South Africa, Mozambique, London, and the United States. 

As the Executive Chef at Seaside Finolhu, Chef Warren will oversee all culinary operations, ensuring  the highest standards of hygiene and food quality are maintained. His responsibilities include  supervising daily kitchen operations, managing food production, and leading kitchen staff with a focus  on excellence and innovation.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chef Warren Moore to our team at Seaside Finolhu,” said Steven Phillips  General Manager of Seaside Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives. “His extensive experience and passion for  culinary excellence will undoubtedly enhance the dining experience for our guests and further solidify  our reputation as a gastronomic heaven in the Maldives.” 

With Chef Warren Moore at the helm, Seaside Finolhu looks forward to delivering unforgettable  culinary experiences that celebrate the rich flavours of the Maldives and beyond. 

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