Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives Earns “Best Culinary Establishment” in the 2015 Hotel Asia International Culinary Challenge

Kandooma – Dubbed as the ultimate culinary contest in Maldives, Holiday Inn Resort® Kandooma Maldives was crowned “Best Culinary Establishment” in the 2015 Hotel Asia International Culinary Challenge held at the Dharubaaruge Exhibition Hall, Male, Maldives.

The competition ran from 18th to 21st of September 2015, where we saw over 500 culinary chefs representing world class hotels and resorts nationwide.

The competition was judged by Alan Palmer, Project Director and Chief Judge, also a world renowned chef and honorary life member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), along with a panel of internationally certified judges, global award-winning chefs, and recognized professionals from the culinary world.

The certificates issued at this competition are highly recognized worldwide and are treated as a major achievement in the eyes of the participants, reason why the resort’s delegation was just exultant and delighted not just for the team’s coveted recognition but also for their individual awards.

Holiday Inn Resort® Kandooma Maldives reaped an accumulated number of 20 medals, 7 golds, 7 silvers, and 6 bronzes. Being awarded the Best Culinary Establishment “Alan Palmer Challenge Trophy” among over 50 hotels and resorts was the highlight of their journey, as such this recognition is the most sought-after one.

The resort’s Executive Chef Vincent Tan said “We are delighted to have participated in a highly touted competition like this, I’m so proud of the team’s efforts, this show cases the culinary professionalism and the incredible talent the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma has”.

Joseph Della Gatta, General Manager of the Holiday Inn Resort® Kandooma Maldives expressed “The challenge was a great opportunity for our team of chefs to demonstrate their culinary creativity, skill set, teamwork and camaraderie. Competing under immense time constraints to create a prized culinary delight is an absolutely fantastic achievement that we are all proud of”.

Holiday Inn Resort® Kandooma Maldives’ delegation includes chefs Tan Chang Hui, Mun Han, Kim Jaehyun, Min, Cam Nga, Vinh Co, Luat, Ronnel, Nalinda, Fan, CK, and Yu Shin, headed by Executive Chef Vincent Tan.

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