Visit Maldives Year 2016 Launches Global Advertising Campaign with BBC – Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) have launched a global advertising campaign with BBC to promote the Maldives as a tourism destination and the upcoming Visit Maldives Year 2016.

The campaign which will run from September 1st to October 31st, 2015 will feature the unique aspects of the Maldives tourism product under the tag line “Sunny side of life” in a new 30 second commercial and 4×15 sec teasers reaching to a worldwide audience across important regional markets of Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition, the advertisement will be run on site, video on demand section with 1,020,400 impressions targeting Europe and Asia Pacific.

The campaign aims to raise the profile of Maldives as a world class destination appealing to affluent travellers by reminding them of Maldives as a holiday destination and promote the upcoming Visit Maldives Year 2016.

713,622 tourists have visited the country this year from January to July. This is a positive growth of 1.7 percent compared to the same period in 2014.

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