Government Plans Thanburudhoo as a Surfing Reserve – The government of Maldives has terminated the agreement with Telos Investments to develop a resort in Thanburudhoo island.

According to Ministry of Tourism, President Abdulla Yameen’s policy is to keep Thanburudhoo as a Surfing Heritage Reserve for surfers.

Local surfers have welcomed the news, “This is the news are campaigning for the past few years as we believe this kind of places should not be a private property of luxury resorts. We hope the government will keep the island as a reserve for surfers around the world”.

Thanburudhoo is renowned as one of the top surfing areas with two world-class surfing waves including the Sultans and Honkey’s.

According the surf specialist AtollTravel Thanburudhoo offers best wave in the Maldives on its day.”Honky’s and Sultan’s stand as the ultimate dream combination of rights and lefts breaking on both sides of Thanburudhoo island. Honky’s works in the typical NE winter winds enticing swell onto a nicely walled outside section that gets bigger and faster as it hits “Fred’s Ledge” section on the inside. Offers short barrels and a bit more punch than most when the tide drains out”

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