Emmen Prepares to Host Emmen Dives

Maldives Promotion House – Maldives is home to a beautiful underwater world and has rapidly gained popularity among diving enthusiasts from all over the world. “Emmen” is a newly formed organization that has taken initiative to promote diving in Maldives.

Emmen recently announced the launch of its first event “EMMEN DIVES” underscoring its commitment to providing a platform to develop talents. In partnership with Intoscuba, an aspiring new PADI dive centre, EMMEN DIVES will start on 24th June 2011 at S. Hithadhoo for the Addu and Fuvahmulah region and will end on 16th July 2011.

The project, EMMEN DIVES, aims at creating opportunities for everyone in diving and related fields.  According to Emmen, they recognize the need to create experts in the related fields and seek to provide the platform for such individuals to build their careers.

The residents of South region are invited to benefit from a free dive and experience the thrill of diving first hand with Intoscuba’s instructors on their open day at the swimming track northeast of Hithadhoo. The opening ceremony will start at 08:00 AM. It will be followed by information sessions, entertainment, food and music.

Open Water and Advance Open Water Diver courses will commence the following day and will continue up to a maximum of three weeks, depending on the number of enrollments. EMMEN DIVES will conclude with an eventful closing ceremony.

The event dives will commence with free Test Dives at the Open Day. The free dives for children between 8 and 10 years of age will be known as Bubble Making. Open Water Diver courses and Advance Open Water Diver courses are planned to start the following day.

The Open Water Diver course, for ages 15 and above, is the stepping stone to deep water diving. This course is offered to children aged 10 to 15 years as the Junior Open Water Diver course. The Advance Open Water Diver courses are offered to those who are seeking to enhance their skills and are already certified. The Junior Advanced Open Water Diver course is available for ages 12 and above.

To maximize the number of applicants, the PADI certified courses are conducted at a price considerably lower than in Malé. As a dedication to the affordability of course rates, they plan on apportioning a percentage of their sponsorship directly to the cost of course fees. The course fees could be lowered by MRF1,000 depending on the sponsors. The starting price for the Open Water Diver and Advance Open Water Diver courses are MRF3,900 and MRF3,300 respectively.

According to Emmen the project EMMEN DIVES will also travel to the north regions of Maldives later this year with the same great benefits.

The organizers of EMMEN DIVES which was endorsed by both “Ministry Of Human Resources, Youth and Sports” and “Ministry Of Tourism Arts And Culture” said that every individual is just as important to build a community.

“Emmen is based on the belief that the needs of each individual are important when it comes to building a better community in the country. Emmen works with the talent of the future and sets them on the journey of embracing lifelong learning and development based on their skills and interest. Emmen will partner with individuals and companies who provide trainings in different fields and take them across the provinces of Maldives. Emmen staff are actively engaged in research for areas of interest across the Maldives in order to be better able to meet the requirements of residents living outside of the Malé region,” Emmen said

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