Soneva launches dazzling new website

2 Maldives (s) – Sonu and Eva Shivdasani are not the type of resort owners to let grass grow under their feet, not even the environmentally-friendly sort so following hours of consultation with hospitality specialist web producer Quo and much contemplation, they are launching a brand new website showcasing the Soneva Group’s  luxury at its most intelligent

Styled with a fresh contemporary feel, the new site offers a powerful glimpse into the Soneva way of life, as told by Sonu and Eva through a compilation of visually strong web pages that are clean and white and easy to use, whether accessed on a mobile or tablet on the move or a big screen from the comfort of an armchair.

No chance of getting lost or bored in lengthy prose on the new The minimal copy and open design boast streamlined signposting that takes visitors on a tour of some stunning super large images encapsulating the key characteristics of Soneva’s resorts as highlighted by guests who keep on coming back, year after year after year.

The story of how the islands were found, the ethos behind their development and a deep insight into Maldivian and Thai culture provide the platform for an excursion around the resort’s unique SLOW LIFE philosophy – Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness  Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences – and Soneva’s back to nature luxury villas.

The accommodation section has been transformed to make it easier for visitors to quickly make selections tailored to their own personal requirements.

A filter system allows visitors to segment their choices by the number of rooms so a family sees only options featuring 2-9 bedrooms while couples are given alternative selections based on one bedroom options only.

If there are special offers running alongside, these will appear automatically and if there are special experiences available on selected dates, these too will appear automatically.

Sonu and Eva’s commitment to the environment represents a way of life for them and the website provides a platform for them to explain more about how these convictions were shaped and how they dictated their choices when developing the resorts.

Sourcing local building materials to create effortlessly chic accommodation, responsibly foraging of the gardens and seas to deliver incredible food for guests and providing memorable activities that never compromise sustainability or service.

These challenges have a fascinating back story that Soneva is always happy to relate, primarily through a gallery of dazzling pictures which download at dazzling speeds.

As well as featuring on, Soneva Private Residences will also have its own separate domain with the same concept and same style of copy – focusing on villas that are available for purchase and the benefits of owning one.

Key new features are:

·         Clear, functional navigation
·         Bookings made easy
·         A streamlined approach to villa categorisation
·         Relevant offers proposed on each page
·         Photo not word driven

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