Tourism Statistics: A Thumbs Up

Maldives Promotion House – This year continues to be a fruitful year for the tourism industry of Maldives. With the increase in number of tourist visiting Maldives and the development of some of the world class resorts, such as Jumeirah, Maldivian tourism is tend to increase further.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, from January to April of this year the number of tourists who visited the Maldives has seen a rapid increased of 16.9 percent.

With 327,564 tourists who visited Maldives from January to April of this year, compared to the 280,258 tourists from last year, some 47,306 more tourists visited this year.

Moreover last April’s tourist arrival is higher by 31.6 percent compared to April 2010, with 79,947 tourists who visited Maldives last April unlike 60,742 tourists that visited in April 2010. This shows an increase of 19,205 tourists.

However the number of tourists that visited Maldives in February remains higher with 87,106 tourists. While this is the highest number recorded in Maldives for any given month, 79,495 tourists arrived in Maldives on January of this year.

This year also shows a higher average occupancy rate of 79.9 percent compared to last year’s 74.2 percent. This is a 5.7 percent increase in average occupancy.

While this may be due to the increase in the number of operated beds, which went up to 24,862 beds last month, from 21,918 beds in April 2010, the Maldivian tourism industry shows a promising future.

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