World champion freediver Christian Redl holds apnea courses at LUX* Maldives

Christian Redl Freitaucher – LUX* Maldives has proudly announced that they have partnered with Euro-Divers and Austrian world champion freediver, Christian Redl to offer guests an exclusive one day freedriving course. Renowned for the successful past editions of the ‘Underwater Festival’, LUX* Maldives keeps up the momentum with this partnership.

Following PADI standards, the one-day course teaches Redl’s freediving formula; the morning session includes breathing techniques, static apnea and finning while the afternoon session continues with deep diving and duck di ving at the rope. Redl’s course has certified the diving team of Euro-Divers at LUX* Maldives, enabling the resort to offer freediving courses to all guests at the diving center.

“Freediving is your access key to the underwater world” said Christian Redl “it is the best possible way to have fun in the water and to understand your body strengths and weaknesses .” Christian Redl currently holds several freediving world records ranging from two distance world records under ice: 100 meters with fins and 150 me ters aided by a scooter as well as a dive through a 101m long cave in Mexico.

LUX* free diving

Euro-Divers is one the leading diving operators in the Maldives and operates several diving centers worldwide. The Euro- Divers team has widely supported the start up of freediving courses at LUX* Maldives by inviting Jean-Jacques Mayol, son of freediving legend Jacques Mayol, as well as English world champion freediver Sara Campbell to name few.

“Learning the basics of freediving allows you to feel safer in the water, enjoying what the Maldives has to offer below the surface” said DominikRuhl, resort General Manager “and with the year-round presence of whale sharks along our reef, I can foresee how these new skills will certainly benefit the guests while swimming with these friendly giants.”

LUX* Maldives continues to be an active supporter of marine life conservation putting forward the initiatives of Tread Lightly, the resort project to offset carbon emissions. The Marine Biology Center of the resort works in partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on an extensive whale sharks database thanks to the successful research programs conducted within the South Ari Marine Protected Area (SAMPA).

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