Diver finds underwater camera lost in Maldives and rescues memories of a honeymoon trip

CameraMaldives.net.mv –  Fortune in misfortune: in March 2013 a Finnish couple lost their Olympus TOUGH while snorkelling in the Maldives – and with it practically all the reminders of their honeymoon. Three months later, a German diver found the camera on the sea floor. Despite few specks of rust on the outside, the memory card inside the camera worked perfectly – therewith, the pictures were rescued. Mario N. posted a photo of his find on Facebook. The same day, the post was shared more than 20,000 times. That was how the owners got to hear of it. Now they have their camera back, and with it their holiday photos.

It’s said that life is stranger than fiction, and this story proves it: while diving in the Maldives, Mario N. made a truly fortunate discovery. On the bottom of the sea lay an Olympus TOUGH. After three months in the Indian Ocean, there are just a few specks of rust to hint at the unusual location where it had been found. The memory card however works perfectly. Around 500 holiday photos taken by a couple, evidently very much in love, can be seen on it. So Mario attempts to track them down. Judging by the photos, the owners come from Finland. He can also roughly make out the time they made their trip.

Using his Facebook account, Mario publishes a search message: “Olympus camera found in the Maldives! Does anyone know these people? The couple may have come from Finland – and they were travelling on or around March 8.” Alongside this, he posts a photo of the couple. Enthused and moved by the story, many Facebook users want to help. Within a few hours, the message has been shared over 20,000 times. Which is how it also comes to be on the page of the diving school ‘Hanko Diving’, where the owners were finally recognised. They were absolutely delighted to get their camera back, and with it the memories of their honeymoon trip – a good omen for their marriage, and a wonderful story to tell their grandchildren at some point!

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