Sun, Sand and Sea is the main attraction of Maldives: survey

Vilu Reef

Maldives Promotion House – Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture of Maldives has revealed the findings of tourist survey conducted at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. According to the survey 42% said sun, sand and sea is the main reason to select Maldives for holiday while 22% selected Maldives peace and tranquility. 12% selected Maldives for being a unique destination like no other.

Some important findings of the survey are:

  • 21% tourists are repeaters
  • 36% visitors from Europe are repeaters while 95% of Chinese are visiting for the first time.
  • 26% visitors’ main source of information is internet while 26% visitors get information by word of mouth.
  • 18% Travellers’ depend on travel agents while for information while only 4% got the information from trade fairs.
  • 13% of the visitors spend less than 3 nights while 52% spends 4-7 night. 35% visitors spend over 7 nights in Maldives.
  • 23% of the visitors are honeymooners and favourite activity at the islands is snorkelling with 40% extremely happy with the underwater beauty.
  • Most of the travellers found authentic souvenirs expensive.
  • 94% of the holidaymakers have enjoyed Maldives and 87% will return to Maldives for holiday.

The survey was conducted by Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in February. Total of 1,512 tourists joined the survey.

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