Into Scuba Opens a New Dive Centre in Hulhumalé

Maldives Promotion House – “Into Scuba” inaugurated the establishment of their first Dive Centre in Hulhumalé this evening with a grand opening day. The inauguration ceremony was held at 04:00PM and was followed by a kids evening of entertainment by famous singer Unoosha with Maldivian band Harubee.

The area was decorated with water sports and diving flags. Huts and  a canteen were set up on the area, that distributed leaflets. With loud music and other water sports enthusiasts enjoying water sports near the area, the whole place was filled with the happy faces of people of different ages.

During the event which began morning and ended at sundown, over a hundred children were given the opportunity to experience firsthand, the thrill of scuba diving. The Bubble Maker experience which was aimed at children older than 8 years is fun and introduces them to the concept of diving.

Into Scuba was inaugurated by the Minister of Human Resources, Youth and Sports Hassan Latheef. During his speech he said that the younger generation needs to experience the underwater Education. “99 percent of Maldives is made up of water. Only one percent is land. So the younger generation needs to be more familiar with it,” Youth Minister Hassan Latheef said.

“The children need a more practical approach to learning. They need to experience things firsthand rather than read about it from a book,” Education Minister Shifa Mohamed who was also among the guests, said during her speech.

Into Scuba aims to educate the younger generation and create awareness while teaching them about their responsibilities to the aquatic world. Into Scuba offers a wide range of PADI dive courses taught by PADI certified instructors.

According to one of the instructors at Into Scuba, they offer two kinds of packages. “One of the packages is aimed at locals and the other is aimed at tourists. But expatriates who hold work permits can use the local package as well,” Ali Amir, their OWS Instructor told Maldives Promotion House.

“We want every student to know how to dive by the time they leave school,” Asim Mohamed, a director of Into Scuba told exclusively to Maldives Promotion House.

Into Scuba Dive Center is a dive school as well as a dive center in Hulhumalé. We at Maldives Promotion House believe that every Maldivian should be able to experience and appreciate the underwater beauty of Maldives, thus we support and welcome the efforts of Into Scuba in educating the younger generation to make them more water friendly.

Into Scuba Dive Centre: Malé Atoll, Maldives (+960 794 6654;

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