Bandos Marks the World Environment Day

Maldives Promotion House – Last Tuesday, as part of the events scheduled for the celebration of their 40th anniversary, Bandos Island Resort and Spa grandly celebrated the World Environment Day.

From morning 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM many of the Bandos staff and patrons participated in helping to clear the rubbish and debris in their well known and famed house reef. While the divers dove in the deeper waters, the snorkelling team searched the shallows. The sacks were then collected by canoes and carried up to the boats.

“Even thought the reefs were cleaner than we had anticipated, we had to collect several bags of rubbish in the process,” Bandos officials said.

In the evening at they carried out a tree planting program on the Island. The participants walked from one spot to another planting several trees at various locations around the island, in an attempt to make the Island look even greener and promising.

“All in all it was a successful World Environment Day here in Bandos Island Resort and Spa. Hopefully our actions today will lead to better things in the future and we shall continue our efforts to keep our environment clean,” Bandos officials said.

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